The units the Centurion equipped.


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The units it equipped:

Every swedish armored regiment was responsible for raising one armored brigade. They also raised a number of other units such as independant infantybattalions for the territorial defence etc. When the Centurion entered service in the fifties this was not entirely the case. The armored brigades were raised jointly by armored regiments and armored infantry regiments (in addition these raised infantry brigades of their own). In 1963 the number of armored regiments was increased and the responsibility for training the armored infantry was transferred to the armored regiments themselves. With one exception (P6) the new armored regiments were former armored infantry regiments.

The first Centurions, the Strv 81, equipped the eigth armored brigade (the dragoonbrigade) 

104fana.jpg (17885 bytes)   This tank flies the flag of Gotland wich is slightly different from the MekB 18 brigade banner. The tank is fitted with the old BT-41 battletraining simulator which is still an excellent aid. The yearly maneuver at Revinge has just ended and in this year, 1995, the Leo 2 made its debut. It was shown from the beginning that a good tank is no replacement for well trained crews and commanders. One Centurion knocked out 4 Leos in one engagement. The next two years has only proved this even more.

In 1968 the old "medium" Strv 74 was starting to be replaced in the armored brigade "Gotland" by Strv 102. The Centurion was to remain for a long time on Gotland in three different versions.

The table below shows the brigades, the regiments that raised them and the tanks used since 1963. Before that much of the heritage from WWII was still in service, often with many different types of vehicles simoultanously.

Brigades original designation: Raised by: Tanks used in wartime organisation: Present designation:
6. Armored brigade

(The armored life guards)

P1 Enköping Strv 102: Disbanded in 1980
7. Armored brigade PB7

(Southern Scanian Brigade)

P7 Revinge Strv 81:1964 - 68

Strv 103: 1968 - 01

Strv 104: 1993-94

Strv 121: 1995 - 2004

Strv 122: 2004 -

7. Mechanized brigade, MekB7
8. Armored brigade PB8

(The dragoon brigade)

P2 Hässleholm Strv 81: 1953 -

Strv 74: 1960 - 67

Strv 103: 1967 - 01

Strv 121: 1995 -2000

8. Mechanized brigade, MekB8
9. Armored brigade PB9


P4 Skövde Strv 81:

Strv 103: 1967 - 04

Strv 122: 1997 -

9. Mechanized brigade, MekB9
10. Armored brigade PB10


P10 (P3 earlier) Strängnäs Strv 74: 1963 - 1968

Strv 101:19 - 96

Strv 121: 1995 - 2001

10. Mechanized brigade, MekB10
26. Armored brigade

(Northern Scanian brigade)

P6 Kristianstad Strv 81: 1963 -

Strv 102:

Strv 104: 1984 - 1993

Disbanded in 1993
"Gotland" armored brigade P18 Visby Strv 74: 1963 - 1975

Pvkv m/43: 1964 -1973

Strv 102: 1968 - 1996

Strv 104: 1992 - 2000

18. Mechanized brigade, MekB18
Tankbattalion "Norrland" (2 raised) P5 Boden Strv 81: 1957 -

Strv 103:

Strv 122: 1997 -

19. Mechanized brigade, MekB19

(Merged with 19. Norrlandbrigade in 1994.)

Note that there is some overlapping in years above. This is due to the fact that the older tanks remain in storage until all companies have been retrained on the newer tank. In effect the brigade operates two different tanks in a transitional period of years. Most regiments have also rained crews on other vehicles such as assault guns, tank destroyers for infantry brigades, independant battalions or companies. These are not included here since with the exception of the independant mechanized battalions they have not been equipped with the Centurion.


In 1986 the first of number of independant mechanized battalions was raised at P4 in Skövde. This was the first time in twenty years that P4 trained a Centurion unit and it showed. These mechanized battalions were all equpped with Centurions. The table below shows which version equipped which battalion. The purpose of these brigades was to either defend against air assault in vital areas or to reinforce infantry brigades in broken terrain. They were not a great success. The tanks were old and prone to breakdown, the mechanized infantry companies rode in trucks instead of APC:s (except the armored infantry platoon in the tank companies.) Since the regiments wanted to get rid of these units and put all effort into training their brigades these units were all disbanded between 1990 and 1995.

Unit: Raised by: Tank used:
11. Independant Mechanized battalion P6 Kristianstad Strv 102R
12. Independant Mechanized battalion P7 Revinge Strv 102R
31. Independant Mechanized battalion P4 Skövde Strv 102R
41. Independant Mechanized battalion P10 Strängnäs Strv 101R
43. Independant Mechanized battalion P10 Strängnäs Strv 101R