Ak 4

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The german G3 was chosen over the FN FAL and the M-14 in the sixties and gradually replaced the G m/96 and the Ag m/42 as standard weapons and the K-pist m/45 in the armored infantryunits. Designated Ak 4 in Sweden it is a reliable weapon with good qualities. The drawbacks are mainly in the 7,62 mm amunition that limits the amount of amunition carried by the soldier as well as in APCs compared to 9mm or 5,56mm. The Ak 4 has been replaced by the 5,56mm Ak 5 in the brigades and rangerunits but the Ak 4 soldiers on in the territorial defenceunits, the home guard and the special FIBUA-battallions. A good weapon with impressive fire power. One rifleman in each platoon has scope to his weapon. The paraunits used an Ak4 with a folding stock.

Calibre: 7,62mm NATO

Weight: 5,3 kg loaded

Magazine capacity: 20 rounds