Ag m/42, G m/96 (m/38, m/41) and K m/94

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The automatic rifle Ag m/42 had 6,5 mm calibre and the magazine held 10 rounds. It was only possible to fire in a semiautomatic mode. It was thought of as heavy and cumbersome but only weighed 5 kg loaded. A rumor tells that they were sold to Upper Volta (Burkina faso)  in the seventies.

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The rifle G m/96 was almost in service for onehundred years still equipping many static units and home guards in the late 1980. Splendid and accurate weapons of its class they are attractive as hunting rifles today. The rifle m/38 was a shortened version while the m/41 was a m/96 fitted with a sniper scope of either swedish origin (AGA m/42 or m/44) or german origin (Ajack m/41). The carbine m/94 was a shorter rifle for use by cavalryunits. They are all similar in appearance. The G m/96 weighed 4,5 kg loaded. Calibre was 6,5 mm and the magazune held 5 rounds.