Karlsborg Longwave Station

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This is the longwave antenna tuner in Karlsborg, Sweden. It was rebuilt in 1962 when a new 50 kW transmitter was installed. Since then, the LF transmitter has been used for weather facsimile transmissions for decades but it is no longer in use. The frequency range is approximately 40 - 150 kHz. (Yes, it can be tuned to 136 kHz!!!)

The big T antenna was originally built to be used with a Telefunken 80 kW spark transmitter. The station went into service in 1918. However, the spark transmitter was not able to reach across the Atlantic except during very good atmospheric conditions in the winter and this is perhaps the reason why the station SAQ was built in Grimeton.

Photos courtesy of Karl-Arne Markström, SM0AOM.

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