*Sigh* Does these I'll dance on your grave sequences never end? Well, they soon will. This is probably the last one, I promise ;-). But however, I took this one because it was really cool.

The battle for the hill has just started. A ghol just threw some Wight stuff at some warriors. What these guys doesn't know is that my wight is closing in from the north side of the screen.
Ooh, the carnage just started. A dwarf blew up some satchel charges right at some Thrall. My wight is now visible (too bad I forgot to unmark him before taking the screenshots).
Ooh, nothing new with this picture, 'cept for that my wight is closing in.
Ooooh mama! He detonates :-D. I looove those wights.
People give wights to much disrespect, I think this wight got grumpy and decided to pay back And so he did..
2 Thrall and a warrior is all that remains from this carnage filled massacre, and ofcourse my troops who just waited for the wight to detonate.... .

Don't mess with those wights...