I wasn't involved in this game, but I checked out a film and found out that 3 wights can make a LOT of damage :-/

Everything looks calm for now.
Uh oh! 2 wights are hiding behind the flag and 1 wight is entering the screen from the left :-O. How is this going to end?.
The wight to the left detonates (I bet you know what is going to happen next :-).
Aww, too bad. The 2 wights behind the flag blows up too, poor thrall...
The explosion pressure makes the bodyparts fly down the hill. I just love it when this happens.
Too bad, the mess has calmed down, oh well. At least it looks better now than what it did at the beginning of the sequence :-D.

This is a good example of a better future...

I stole the film from Bander. Go have a look at his site, it's cool :-D.