Last month news

Tuesday, May 26

* I don't know what has happened to me but there's yet another loony pic at the humor section. Deathwhore helped me a little with this one though.

* I've been thinking of something for a long while now. I'm going to start a tournament soon, the Überswede tour. What does it sound like? Well, it's a tournament for Swedes only, it's going to proove who's the best myth player in Sweden. Although it might take a while for me to start it & stuff.

Sunday, May 24

* See my new logo? TABACman helped me making it. It's really cool, dontcha' think?

* Yet another humor picture uploaded. This time it's extra loony. Go have a look at it here.

Saturday, May 23

* YEEHAW! Bungie announced something great yesterday. You guessed it folks, Myth 2. The screenshot looks really cool so check it out immediatley.

* The humor section already has 4 pictures. Go check that out too :)

Friday, May 22

* Finally!!! The humor contest entries have been posted! Go check it out at theVRhumor section. Since I'm starting to get a few ideas for funny stuff. I've added a humor section aswell. But the SBS leaderboard have been removed due to lack of time. I might make a new SBS section called "SBS battles", there I will post battles with other clans & stuff.

* Bungie are supposed to post some BIG news today. I'm sure you are as curious as I am but we'll just have to wait 'til they do so. Myth Codex also has something to post and I know what it is. PHTHTBHBHT!

Friday, May 15

* Rumors are that Bungie will announce TWO new games at E3 the 21th of may. I can't wait... and in one or two weeks the winner of the VR humor contest will be announced.

* The Pool Party tournament has begun, som games have been played. Take a look at it here.

* Dwarves in the diarrhea marsh v1.1 won't be released because it sucks, I will relase v1.05 though, a few bug fixes from v1.0.

Monday, May 8

* Loadsa' humorous/loony pictures by me! Well, only 2 so far. I really think it's fun to cut & paste with Photoshop and come up with loony ideas. It's so fun. Thanks VR for starting this great humor competition. It's really got me inspired and I can't wait to see all the other entries. When the contest is over I will create a new humor section, just like VR's (only their humor section has way cooler pics & jokes.

Monday, May 6

* Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been working on my map & my marathon scenario the past days, the map will be posted tonight and some screenshots and a demo of my scenario will be posted soon.

* I entered VR Humor contest twice. One is a joke (hehe, see how many times you puke after you've heard it). The other one is... well... you'll see when the contest is over :D.