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Thursday, July 31

* It's finally here! Myth: The fallen lords v1.3! Go get it here!.

* Along with 1.3, my maps have been updated and released in .gor format, you can get them in the maps section. Enjoy!
Thursday, July 22

* This site hasn't been updated for 20 days now, I think that's a record, which is bad :). Although I have some cool news for y'all out there. El Bastard's doin' a marathon -> Myth project, I'm helping :). Here's a screenshot from a cyborg. Like it? Gimme comment :).
Thursday, July 2

* Hey, I'm back after some more fooling around. I have some more news and stuff for you this time, first, my third map "the rainy desert" is finished, I just gotta beta test it, although it kinda' sucks :(. Second, M:TFL update 1.3 is being delayed all the time as you prolly know :(. The current rumors are that they will be released this monday :o.
Sunday, June 22

* It's here!!! The map section!!! Hooray for me!!! Go check it out. It contains my two new maps, with new structure & stuff :D. *Note* They are in .gor format and will only be playable w/ bungie's Patch 1.3. Which probably will be released tomorrow since they want to test their new "tournament rooms" for the Platform Wars tourney. So, lets hope for the best.

* There's a new humor pic in the humor section. It's called "Virtual reality Thrall"... enjoy!

Wednesday, June 17

* I might add a MAPS section because I have a number o' cool maps on their way :).

* My mistake, there won't be another version of Dwarves in the Diarrhea marsh :(. Instead there will be two new maps. New structure & stuff see. The first one is currently under beta testing and will be released very soon. The other one might take a while. It's finished and stuff but beta testing will still take a while :[.

Saturday, June 13

* Grüzei! First, I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates in a long time. But it was for a good purpose, summer is now here and I've got summer holiday :D. This will give me alot more freetime. I also got back working on Dwarves in the Diarrhea marsh only this time you'll notice that the landscape has changed a bit :D.

* Back to patch 1.3, Bungie keep finding more bugs each time they're about to release it, but i'd rather wait a few more days than to see it full of bugs.


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