Rivers Cuomo (vocals, guitar)

Here's what Rivers says about himself:

My name is Rivers Cuomo. I'm 23 and I sing and play guitar in Weezer. It's hard to talk about myself without sounding like a jerk, but apparently I have no choice, so I'll try to be as simple and honest as I can. I grew up in various little farm towns in upstate Connecticut, completely sheltered from anything remotely "cool." At 18, I freaked out and moved to Los Angeles to become a rock star. I soon realized that I was an idiot, and gave up. At the same time, my girlfriend broke up with me. I was really sad and started to write songs. most of them sucked, but it became a habit that stuck with me. Because I'm so terrible at expressing my feelings directly, and because no one really cares, and because anything real is almost impossible to talk about, I've come to rely on music more and more to express myself.

Rivers was borned in June 13th, 1970

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