Title: Briana's 2nd review
Place: The garage at caddy's in cincinnati ohio
Date: September 8, 1997
By: briana aka bree aka that weezer girl
Score: 10/10

8/9/97 Last night was really awesome. I saw Reel Big Fish at Caddy's Garage! (a club in cincinnati) The tickets were supposed 2 be 8 bucks but when I had my mother go pick them up 4 me they had gone up like 4 bucks so I guess that was cause it was the day of the show. So b/c they were so much more she didn't buy them. I called ticketmaster and found out that if I got them at caddy's they would only be 10 bucks so I figured I'd do that. So about 2 o'clock I went outside 2 paint my nails. I set up my radio in the window so I could listen outside. About 2:30 Sterling (a dj on 107.1 channel z, just about the only decent station in cincinnati) says hes got tickets 2 see reel big fish and if your the 45th caller you get 'em. So I said what the hell and called. It rang the first time I called, and it rang 4 like ever. Finally he picks up says "Channel Z" and I said "hey did I win?!" and he was like "win what?! I dunno, whats your name" so I told him Briana and then he asked how old I was and I said 16 (even tho I have 7 more days 2 go b4 that) and he was like "a very mature 16, I'm sure you could get in" and I was like "does that mean I won?! was I the 45th caller?!" and he said "if I counted correctly" I was so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! So he got all my info and told me 2 be at the station by 5:30 2 pick them up. So I hurried up and got all ready and still didn't leave the house till 5 and I had 2 pick up Tony (one of my best friend's) on the way 2 the station. OK now lemme tell ya something about my mom's car...........ITS A JUNKER! Its a '83 honda civic hatchback, stalls everytime you take your foot off the gas, and someone ran into it a couple weeks ago so now the passenger door won't shut, so nobody can sit on that side. Well we picked up Tony and drove like a maniac leaning from side 2 side so the stupid hooptey wouldn't flip!!! We got there at 5:27, and as I step out of the backseat 2 get into my chair and I about fell!! I had 2 wear these stupid highheeled wedged platform sandals b/c they were the only shoes that went with my outfit (airwalks didn't exactly match my plaid bellbottoms) and I can't walk 4 beans in them! So when I went 2 fall this guy came up 2 me and tried 2 help me..........ok the man looked dead on Christopher Walken!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO SCARY!!!!! But he was being nice by trying 2 help me, I was just scared cause he looked so much like fuckin christopher walken! Ok so I went picked up my tickets and then got dropped off at caddy's. Mum parked right infront of rbf's tour bus. Cause it was just parked on the street. Their tour bus looks so old. Alright now we had never been 2 a concert at caddy's so we uh had no clue that you had 2 line up outside in order 2 get into The Garage at 7 (caddy's is a complex with like 5 different clubs inside, we didn't know the one we had 2 go 2, The Garage, had 2 be entered from the outside, we figure we could just go thru the lobby). We hung out insided till like 7:05 and realized um hey maybe we're supposed 2 go in the other door. So we waited in line a while and finally got in the right place. We sat in the very back behind all the people thru the opening bands......OB1 and Lee Harvey Skaswald. Tony sat on a stool and sometimes stood on it but still couldn't see anything. Me in my little low sitting stupid chair, I couldn't see a damn thing. And a bunch of skankers were getting really mad b/c I guess a bunch of people were moshing up front, so I was scared 2 go there. About 3 songs into rbf this guy came up behind me and said "would you like 2 go backstage so that you can see better?!" I was soooooooo excited I was like "yeah I'd love 2!!!!!!" so I pulled Tony down off the stool and we followed him thru the crowd and over 2 the side of the stage where we could see perfectly!!!!! This guy was my life saver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he was quite adorable 2!!! Tony and I skanked (and/or danced, whatever we did, we rocked out!!!!) are hearts out the rest of the show! They played "Take On Me" and we were sooooooooo thrilled cause that is just like the best song and 4 them 2 do a cover of that, it is just so way awesome!!!!!!!!! Oh and I majorly grooved 2 "Shes' Got A Girlfriend" cause I loooooooooooove that song! AAAAAAAAAAAAh it was all just so awesome! After the show we got everybody's autograph and my fav.......DAN!!!!!! I love Dan! He is just so awesome! We hung out with him after the show that got rained out, just earlier in the summer. Oh and then we went and got Tony's camera back b/c they consficated it at the door. While I was waiting I saw this guy walk by with a green "rock =w= music" shirt AND hat on!!! And I screamed (ok maybe a low scream)........WEEZER!!!! But he was kinda a old guy and this girl was like hanging all over him, so uh I didn't say anything :P. And so anyway we got a really cute picture of us with dan, I just hope it comes out b/c it was really dark. We got a pic with all the rest of the guys 2 cept Tavis I love Tavis and that made me mad! But after we got all the pics and signing taken care of we hung outside with my hero by the tour bus. I found out his name is Mathew Ashley and he seems 2 like tour with rbf. Ok well anyway, I got mr ashley's digits!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA!!!!!!!! He gave me his business card and it has like everything on it!!!!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited!! He was so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK well then we saw my mother standing across the street so we had 2 leave and go home but last night was soooo awesome. THE END! .........ok now I have 2 ask all you extremely die hard Reel Big Fish fans....who is this guy, Matthew Ashley?!?! Hopefully this question won't seem as stupid 2 you guys as hearing "Who are Mykel and Carli?!" is 2 us weezer fans!!!!!

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