Title: Briana's review
Place: Unknown
Date: November 18, 1996
By: briana aka bree aka that weezer girl
Score: 10/10

11/18/96 I had the most incredible experience last night! I had been planning on seeing =w= since like sept. But first my mother said I had 2 take an adult b/c it was at bogarts (a concert club in a not so brady bunch neighboorhood). Gale (age-25 relation-my "cool" uncle's g/f) volunteered, altho I knew she really didn't want 2 go. As it got closer 2 the concert date my mum gave in and just let me go with Tony (my best friend since the second grade. Finally it came down 2 the concert being just a week or 2 away, and I started pestering my mother saying we better hurry up and get our tickets b4 they sell out. Then the concert was just a week away and she finally called bogarts. The tickets were $15.25 + service charge. Then a few days l8er she still hadn't bought the tickets. Thursday November 14th came and I was checking my AOL mail. There was a frantic letter from someone I don't know looking 4 weezer tickets b/c the show was sold out. I litteraly screamed when I read the words! My mother came running down the stairs b/c she thought I had gotten hurt or something. I told her they were sold out and she felt really bad b/c she didn't even think they would sell out. I freaked, I think I cried (I know I know how lame, but I missed them the first time they were in cincy and I had been waiting so long and it was so important 2 me) and then my mother just said 2 me, "c'mon Briana you didn't really think they would sell out did you?! I mean you hardly even know anyone who likes them!". She convinced me I would get 2 go anyway. But I was very nervouse I wouldn't get in. I got 2 talking 2 the lady who sent me the frantic letter and she was very worried also. I called q-102 ( a super corny radio station) and got 2 talk 2 my fav q dj Jeff. He was giving me some tips on how 2 find tickets. He's really cool. Well Sunday November 17th came and that was the day of the concert. I was getting REALLY nervous now! I had 2 get up early and go 2 church at 9. So I did and then I wound up having 2 stay around until like 3:30. Then on our way home right as we were passing the White Castle near our church we heard Rick on the radio saying be caller number 20 and get free =w= tickets 2 the sold out show! My mother pulled into White Castle as fast as she could, pulled out a quater and dialed up Channel Z like 20 million times until the phone ate her quater. Then I came home got on the computer 4 a little while, called Tony and Jennifer ( my other best friend). I had 2 help Tony talk her mother into letting her go. She said Tony could go a week ago but then all of the sudden she said she couldn't. But we talked her into it! So then while I was waiting 4 my green cordiroy overalls 2 get dry I prayed and prayed and prayed that God would let me into the concert, I knew God knew how much it meant 2 me 2 get there. Also while I was praying I was painting my nails acid rain blue very sloppily. Then I threw my overalls on and flew out the door. I didn't wear any make up and the only jewerly I wore was my climber and 2 rings. My hair was up and kinda messy but I was in a hurry b/c the show started at 8 and it was 7. We went and picked up Tony and I was getting VERY jittery and nervous! I was breathing heavy as we rolled down Vine St. Hyperventalating as I saw all the adorable guys our age wearing =w=t's ( alright boys now don't get a big head here I was most just hyperventalting b/c of the thought of seeing weezer in person very shortly). I saw a big fat black guy offer some people somthing as they walked by and I shouted "HE'S GOT SOME!". So we went around the block and as we got close I yelled "hey you got weezer tickets?" He said how many ya want and my mother answered 2. He said $20 a piece and I gasped and screamed YES! I gave him the twenty and snatched the ticks from him. At this point I was definetly hyperventalating! I mean c'mon I was gonna see my absolute fav band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weezer will always and 4ever rock my world and Rivers will always and 4ever melt my heart!!!!!!!! The nite had just begun at this point. We were heading into bogarts and I was still half hyperventalating and Tony was trying 2 get me 2 calm down. BUT I COULD'NT HELP IT, IT WAS WEEZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well we got in and gave them our ticks and then we asked some staff guys if they had wheelchair sitting. They put us in a nice safe spot where I could see everything! It overlooked the pit area. I liked it! Tony wanted 2 go down in the pit but I wouldn't let her. Then after we were there 4 only a few minutes Placebo (the opening band) came out. They were ok! At some points I thought his voice was somewhat winey but overall they weren't bad! Then they left and the lights came back on. We were really bored 4 a while. Then all of the sudden this big black guy comes up 2 us and says "how u ladies 2nite?!" now with Tony's past this kinda scared us until he turned around and we saw STAFF written on his back. Then a few minutes l8er he came 2 us and said "hey do any of u ladies have a chapstick er something, I'll buy it from ya, yeah c/ I just looked in the mirror and saw my lips are all cracked and I was like oooooooooh". We were absolutly cracking up! But then we noticed people down in the pit started crowd surfing and stuff so that was cool. Then when we got bored of that people started making W's with their hands and chanting "weezer weezer weezer weezer". Then they turned out the lites and started playing some really cheesy music. And out walked WEEZER! Matt the show stealer was struttin out. Across the stage it went Brian (in the same adorable shirt he was wearing in the el scorcho video) then Rivers (ahhhh make me melt!) then Matt (like I said the show stealler goof off) and then last but definetly NOT least Pat who was over in the corner behind Matt. They started the show off with Tired Of Sex which really got us moving. I was loving it! I was so excited! I was screaming the words and acting craziness. Then they played Getchoo and then My Name is Jonas (I think) and I could name all the other songs they sang but I'm not sure I remember the order. Here's the rest The Good Life, Pink Triangle, Jamie, The Sweater Song, Across the Sea, Butterfly, Buddy Holly, Surfwax America, No One Else, El Scorcho, Say it Aint So, and In the Garage. The show absolutley kicked ass!!!!!!! Somewhere in the middle Matt starts ripping on the bengals and everbody cheered. He works up the crowd and dances around crazy. After they played The Sweater Song they said thank you and left. But I knew it wasn't over b/c they still hadn't turned the lights back on. People started 2 leave but we didn't. Then out came Rivers *sigh* with a aucustic guitar and did Butterfly. He has such a beautiful voice!!! Then they all came back out 4 a few more songs. On the last part of the last song Rivers turned around and threw his guitar. Then when they were done they all left but Rivers and then this one young guy came out Rivers gave him his guitar and showed him 2 us. Then Rivers left and the guy started playing something but I really don't know what. Then he sang a few lines but I don't know what they were. Then he quit and took a running leap into the crowd. That was groovy. So then when the lights came on and they started playing this cheezytecknoey like version of Buddy Holly over the speakers (ok now I know this was the moog cookbook version or whatever but I didn't that night) and everybody made their way out, but we stayed. After almost everone was gone Tony went down and talked the guys into letting us come 2 the After Show. But turned out there wasn't an after show after all. So we dashed outside and around back where we saw a group of people surounding someone. We figured it was =w=. While we were standing there this guy came up 2 us and offered 2 get our tickets signed 4 us but I told him no thank you b/c I'd like 2 try and see how close I could get 2 rivers myself. Well then this guy that was just kinda standing outside of the crowd says "excuse me Rivers but could you see someone whose been waiting longer than anyone" and points 2 me! Well when I realized how close I was 2 Rivers Cuomo lead singer/songwriter of weezer I thought I was going 2 faint. He was even shorter than I thought, and even more adorable! He said "hi" and I said "oh hi, this is such a honor meeting you" and he said "whats your name" and I said "Briana" and he said "really?! wow!" and I was just like "oh is that special?!" and he said "well ya see its a complicated story..........ya know the band that opened 4 us, Placebo, well the lead singer's name is Brian and he was telling us b4 the show about how back in Jr High they used 2 make fun of him by singing the old Cool 'n the Gang song Joanna only singing Briana......ah well anyway sorry" I was just "oh wow cool!" he said "yeah you should really meet him" and I said "yeah that would be cool.........but I'm just glad 2 meet you". It was soo awesome he just kept smiling and seemed just as nervous as I was! Oh he was just the way I had always imagined him 2 be, so sweet and real not fake and cocky. Then he shook my hand and said "thank you". Then he signed Tony's hat and said "oh is this a bootleg hat?! I don't recognize it" he checked the tag and everything, altho I knew he was joking Tony didn't like it. Then we made our way down 2 the busses. We were out in the rain but really didn't care 2 much b/c we were so excited. But then the moving truck we were standing by knocked the window by us and beeped their horn at us. But when we went 2 move we ran over Tony's coat (woops). So then we were just standing by some cars when this guy comes up 2 us and says "hi my name is Kevin and I work 4 Placebo and I saw you 2 out in the rain and I felt sorry 4 you so I brought you 2 t-shirts". We thanked him alot we thought it was awful sweet. So then he went back but a few minutes l8er came back with the lead singer of Placebo, Brian. He was telling us about how he was brought up in a christian house and his mother always said "God is Love" (which is what the t-shirts said) and that seeing people wearing t-shirts saying God Is Love makes him smile. We thought that was really neat. He was from Luxenburg. Then the drummer, Steve, came out. He I think was from England. Or at least sounded like it. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and kept calling me "love" I thought that was so cute. He was wraping his coat around me b/c it was raining and playing with my hair saying "love what are you doing out here in the rain, you don't even have hardly any clothes on love". Then he gave me a kiss on the cheek as he left. We talked 2 the bassist of the band 2 he was really nice also! He was talking about what a bad time they had in Chicago the nite b4. Then when we were done talking 2 them we went over 2 =w='s bus and saw Rivers sitting in the drivers seat. Then he came out and we were all just kinda talking 2 him and asking him questions. I was gazing thoughtlessly. He is just such the man of my dreams I can't help it! Then I said "Rivers can I ask you a question?!" and he said "ofcourse!" so I asked "is across the sea a true story?!" and some other guys standing around were like "yeah we wanted 2 know that 2!" and Rivers said "well yes it is all of my songs are true stories" and I was in awe. I told him how I thought he was just an incredible lyricist and how much I loved his words. I felt like a geek but I couldn't resist! I've always wanted 2 tell him that and this was my chance! He said thank you and once again looked just as nervous as I was. Some girl then said "so then you are tired of sex?!" and he explained that he wrote that song 3 years ago and he is now in a completly different state of mind. But then it was time 4 him 2 go, so some people took hugs. So I said "Rivers, can I have a hug?!" and he said "sure!" and gave me one! Ahhhhh he even smelled good!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I would melt in his arms! It was sooo wonderful! After he got on the bus we went over 2 the middle of the parking lot and watched the bus pull out. We saw this guy standing at the corner and I said "who ya waitin 4?!" and he was just like "ah no one really I'm just watching the bus" and then Tony just had 2 say "need a ride?!" but he said "aw thanks but no I just live here on campus" so we were like oh ok and then I said "bye" and he said "bye" back. Then we walked 2 our car where we past some people who said "hey" and I said "hey" back. But the funny part was this one guy in that group said "how old is you sweety" 2 Tony. I was crackin up! It was halarious! But then we got 2 the car and went home. THE END! ok now yall know what a big cheesy dork I am! I am naked and my emotions are exposed.

oh yeah and a special thanks 2 my little sister in the weezer family, leenie, who keeps this story (with comments) saved on her computer and willingly sends it back 2 me whever I need it. leenie I salute you!

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