Matt Sharp (bass, vocals)

Here's what Matt says about himself:

My name is Matt and I play bass in Weezer. This is the first band I've been in and the first album I've played on, both of which mean a lot to me. I also sang the falsetto vocals on the record, which is probably most recognizable on "Say It Ain't So." (These were, oddly enough, the first notes I sang in front of anyone). The falsetto stuff is pretty much on all the tunes except for "In the Garage" and "Holiday." Singing can be pretty rewarding even when you're not that good at it. For me, it filled a gap in my life that was there until the band started. I'm not exactly sure what we four have in common, but I do consider Pat, Brian and Rivers to be good people and good friends that I am glad to be associated with. Also, the opportunity to work with people as talented as Ric and Chris was an experience and an honor that will be with me forever. If I had to make a list of music I care about and have been listening to lately, the things that come to mind first are: the last three Talk Talk albums, old Gary Numan records, the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack, and all of That Dog [sic] songs I could get from Tony and Rachel. I hope when people listen to these ten songs, they will enjoy them as I have enjoyed some of the music I just mentioned. Besides that, I think my story is just not interesting and I should probably stop.

Matt was borned in September 22nd, 1969

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