Mykel and Carli and their younger sister Trista died in a car accident near Colorado Springs in Juli 1997. Mykel and Carli ran the official Weezer fanclub and was so nice to everybody...

Mykel & Carli

Here's what Mykel and Carli said about themselves:

We moved to Hollywood together in 1989 as parents planned another family move. Carli converted Mykel to seeing live music and since then we have spent most of our nights standing too close to thumping speakers and becoming the "jaded-scenesters" that we are. While in Hollywood we saw literally thousands of bands, some good and some not so good. It didn't take long to make a list of favorites and meet the people involved. July 9, 1992 we were at Club Dump (Johnny Depp bought the place, called it the Viper Room, River Phoenix died there) to see a good band Crux (No longer a band). At someone's suggesion we stuck around to see the next band Weezer. We were impressed and put them on the mental-list of bands to go see again. The following night we were at a birthday party for our friend Bryan Ray. Bryan is the bass player in a band called Black Market Flowers, the first band to write a song called "Mykel & Carli". At the party we recognized the guy with long hair sitting alone by the refrigerator. It was Rivers, from Weezer, and he had his eyes for the birthday cake we had brought. We told him we has enjoyed his band the night before, he seemed amazed that we had liked it so much. The three of us sat on the couch and talked about music, food and growing up - we had wierd names and hippie parents in common. Rivers told us when the next weezer show was and we remained anti-socially on that couch wondering how long it had taken some of the people there to get dressed. We made sure he got a piece of the cake and visited until his ride was ready to go. We continued going to Weezer shows (60 at last count) whenever we could. We met the rest of the band and provided a spectator's viewpoint and sideline reviews, whether they wanted to hear it or not. We made cookies and road trips. The band got better and the audience grew. Weezer signed with Geffen and was actually going to release an album! They asked us if we would send lyrics for them so they could include the picture of the garage inside the cover. Not knowing what we were in for we agreed, "Of course, anything for you guys." After all, Rivers had written a sweet song for us called "Mykel & Carli". Just sending lyrics wasn't enough. Stuffing envelopes isn't much fun and we wanted to share what we knew about them with other people who care about them. So the "Fanclub" began. At the end of February we moved out of Hollywood. We left some good friends to come to Portland, Oregon but it's nice to have a garage to spread the Weezer stuff out in and some time to keep up with all the mail. Sometimes we miss seeing Weezer and it's members all the time. However, it's fun to have some people to jump up and down to see the band happy.

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