If You're a BIG fan of Weezer You should at least join The Official Weezer Fanclub! The Inc. was unsure if it was right to put up a link to the Weezer-Rules Mailing List on this page, because it isn't really a fanclub, it's just what it sounds like. A mailing list.

Official Weezer Fan Club
9311S.E. Foster Road #666
Portland, OR 97266

Write to above address to join.
The Matt Sharp Fan Club
1915 W. Gemini St.
Long Beach, CA 90810

Write to Melissa Rosales for details at the above address.
The Brian Bell Fan Club

Email (The Rebel Weezer Alliance) to join!
Weezer-Rules Mailing List
Weezer-Rules Mailing List

Check out the link to find out more!
Official Chopper One Fanclub
chopper one
9311 SE. Foster Rd. #627
Portland, OR 97266

Write to the address above to join! Or become a member of the online fanclub!

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