Brian Bell (guitar, vocals)

Here's the bio:

Raised in Tennessee, little Brian knew he wanted to be a rock star at an early age. Lucky enough to catch an Elvis (Prestly, that is) concert at the age of four, he wanted nothing else to be a hounddog. Studying "geetar" pickin' on TV from such fine eastern Tenessee programs as "The Barneyloo and Buster Show" and, of course, "Hee Haw," little Brian learned how to pick 'n' grin on a ukulele his grandma won at a bingo game. Brian's dad, a wacky absent-minded professor and ex-college DJ, turned him on to cool music he had from the 50's and 60's. So, armed with his first turntable, a Fisher Price lo-fi stereo system, little Brian managed to scratch and destroy most of Dad's valuable 45's. As Brian grew older, he began to feel isolated and out-of-place with the other reindeer. While the "normal" Tennessee boys were out hunting possum, chewing tobacco and making up fishing stories, he preferred to stay home and watch Billy Mumy movies. Ah, movies, music and show biz. Why was it all based in one glorious place -- Los Angeles? So, just like the Clampetts, Brian packed his bags and moved to Yucca St., Hollyweird (cause everyone he met at first was on crystal meth). Not at all like the movies.

Brian was borned in December 9th, 1968

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