Libre Speedy 3.3 & 4.8





This kite is perfect for beginners. It's very easy to fly and does'nt do anything you don't want it to. I find this one to be a better kite than the Quadrifoil basic. The Speedy performes better and gets higher to the windedge. Deffinitly a favorit of mine. The smaller sizes are often used in high windforces at races. Great kite that will bring you a lot of fun.



Libre Speedy Race

Speedy race is made for gusty winds and is the only kite of its kind that I know of. You turn off it's power with 30% by slaking the breaklines. Furthermore this kite has got an adjustable bridle for diffrent winds. This should be an very good alternative to all buggiers who wish to ride a buggy in gusty winds. I think I like this one...