F. A. Q.




? Do you have drawings for the buggies you build?

Nop, even though Lasse made drawings before he built the buggies, they are too large for fitting in a scanner.

? Who are we?

Well, just a couple of guys loving kiteflying, powerkiting and kitebuggying. The kitesport is very small here in Sweden and we are trying to introduce it for making the sport grow.

? Our buggies?

They are homebuild and actually quiet better than the ones on the marked today. Lasse has been working with constractions of all kind for the past 20 years and he's actually really good at what he does.

If you are going to build your own buggy you should start out by sitting down on the flour, pretending your sitting on a buggy and constract the buggy from that position. In this case you'll get a buggy that's not only comfortable but you will feel pretty safe on it.