Elliot Ekko 4.8





Now this kite is power! Really, it's amazing how much this kite can pull. It requires tight brakelines otherwise the kite rolls overhead and you have to resolve the bridlelines. A sensetive dos of the breaklines turns the turbo on and yet I have'nt had the chance to try out how fast I really can go on a buggy with this kite. (the field was too short) The wind was something between 4 and 6 meters per second and I was travelling in about 50-55 km/h on a surface of grass. I can go on a higher angle against the wind whith this kite than any other I know of. It's very stable in flight and when the winds are around 2 m/s I have to move it around a lot but this results in enough power for riding the buggy in comfortable 20-25 km/h.