about myself

my name is rikard florin a.k.a phoenix of vectronix, and no, it's not me on the picture. if you whish to see pictures of me then please have a look in my picture gallery below. more photos of me, friends and whatever will be added with time!

my big passion in this otherwise so weird and dull world of ours is computers and music, i've been fascinated by computers for as long as i can remember, but i finally got my own when i was about 10 years old. today i work as a system developer, building database adapted solutions for companies. it's a quite exciting job, always something new to learn, and just when you thought you knew everything you realize you don't know shit!

and as said, music has always been a great part of my life as well. when i was a very little boy i was a supercool hardrocker like everybody else, but not long after that i found what i had been missing. i discovered the world of synth/electronic/industrial music around 1984-85 and since then i have been hooked to it, and never looked back!

to most of my friends frustration i'm not only a computer geek and music phreak but i also happen to enjoy icehockey very much. i can dig some other sports occasionally, but icehockey is definitely a kick-ass thing in my life! other things which keeps me busy are movies, all kinds of movies!

this homepage is mainly for my own ego but if you're interested in learning more about me (and as you're still reading you probably are), then this will hopefully be a good start about how i am, what i like, my interests and so on. please read these pages, i hope you will like them, and don't hesitate to contact me if you want to, drop me a mail, send me loveletters, tell me about yourself, blame me for the world chaos or whatever, it's always fun!

email: phoenix@swipnet.se
icq #: 3276644
phone: +46-36-370949
cellfone: +46-70-7122162

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