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Cattery of Devon Rex

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I am Marie Wickman and I welcome You to my website! I first came in contact with the Devon Rex breed ten years ago. I was very fascinated by the little creatures, but it was not until 1992 that I finally became the owner of one myself. 

Today, I just wish I could convince everyone else what wonderful companions they really are! My small cattery consists of three lovely devons,
Ulthar il Rosso degli Elfi
joined my household in November 1995, when I brought him home from Cristiana Marangoni in Italy. He is a welltyped, cameo male.

S*Giggle's TF.XL.Titanium
is an offspring that my children decided to keep both as pet and for breed.

Rexperimental Design van Plezier
a female brownspotted with a lovely temperament and lock.

For me it is important that we all try to widen the genetic base of our Devons. Perhaps it is the only way we can limit genetic defects and diseases, thus producing healthy cats for the future.

Marie Wickman
Pepparedsängen 25
431 50 Mölndal
Phone/Fax : +46 - 31 27 35 16

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