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Michael Wallenburg with Ruslan who suffers from a tumor behind the left eye.
Michael Wallenberg: Mission In East's founder and Executive Director

Mission Statement

"The world is full of Talkers, but few Doers"

"Jesus Christ was a Doer. He showed the human race what sacrifice is: to give your life for your friend. Daily I see these small friends lying in cold beds, crying for help, crying for life. They can't take life for granted.
Nice words don't save lives, but food, warm clothes and medicine do. 'Does it count to help a few of these small ones when there are so many?' is a question I often get. You tell me. How far are you willing to go to save the life of your child? What price are you willing to put on your child? Every child's life counts; that is how God sees it and no price is too high to pay to save a child's life. Ask 10 year old Oxana: in 1995 she was doomed to die of a tumour in the mouth. After taken to Sweden for surgery she is completely restored. Ask 8 year old Yaroslav: in June 1996 he was dying of burns to 70% of his body. Today he is recovering in a hospital in the USA. Can we do something? The answer is Yes!
My eyes do not lie, nor does my heart. It has now been more than six years since I first saw these little ones. Since then the primary goal of our organisation, Mission In East, is not only to improve, but to save the lives of these children. Today, over one thousand metric tons of humanitarian aid, medical equipment, medicine, food, and clothes, have been delivered to the needy in the Ukraine. Many people from all over the world have travelled with me into hospitals, orphanages, homes and into the Zone of Death - Chernobyl, and have themselves taken part in the challenge of love. Everyone is welcome. May God bless you."


Background History of Mission In East

In early 1991, Mr Michael Wallenberg, then a businessman within the travel industry, spoke with some friends who had recently returned from a trip to the Ukraine. Disturbed by the description of misery and suffering related by his friends, Michael Wallenberg decided to see what the situation was for himself.
The result of that trip to the Ukraine was an immediate effort to raise a shipment of humanitarian aid and transport it to the needy in the Chernobyl area. Having accomplished this, Michael Wallenberg resolved to commit himself to full-time humanitarian aid work and founded the non-profit organisation Mission In East . Today, seven years later, Mission In East is a firmly established non governmental organisation which seeks to provide life saving care to victims of the Chernobyl disaster, humanitarian aid transports and emergency relief efforts. Please refer to the documentation of humanitarian aid for more exact details of what Mission In East has done to date.


Information about Mission In East

Mission In East is a non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing humanitarian aid to the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. It was founded by Mr Michael Wallenberg in 1991, and the charter was drafted and approved in 1993. Today Mission In East (MIE) has its headquarters in Malmoe, Sweden with branch offices in Karlstad and Motala, Sweden.

In Kiev, Ukraine MIE is registered under the name of All Ukrainian Civil Beneficial Fund, Siloam . MIE works together with the Ukrainian Union of Free Churches in order to ensure that all aid is distributed fairly and correctly.

In the USA, MIE is registered in Orlando, Florida, as a non-profit making foundation under the name of Chernobyl Children Foundation with branch offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and in Springfield, Missouri.






Sept.: Michael Wallenberg travels to Kiev, to visit "The Free
Church of Ukraine". Oct.: A shipment of medicine valued at USD 143,000 was
transported to Kiev and the "Church Union". Nov.: A shipment of medicine valued at USD 143,000 was
transported to Kiev and the "Church Union". Dec.: Two shipments of medicine and one load of clothes, at a value
of USD 86,000 was transported to Kiev and the "Church Union".


Jan.: Michael Wallenberg made visits to various congregations, and
managed to collect a sum of USD 2,000. March: Transport with collected items: food, clothes, medical equipment
at a total of 20 ton. and one bus, was send to the "Church Union".
Total value USD 42,000. June: 30 tons of food was transported to Kiev. Total value USD 71,000. June: 6 persons visited various congregations to raise financial support
for the needy in Ukraine. Sept.: 18 handicap-wheelchairs and 1000 kg. of clothes was forwarded
to the Ukraine. Total value USD 3,000. Sept.: One truck transported clothes and kitchen equipment to Kiev.
Included were 64 boxes of vegetable seeds. Total value USD 86,000. Dec.: One bus transported 6 tons of food, clothes and medical
equipment to Kiev. Total value USD 8,000.


May: 6 tons of food and clothes was forwarded to Kiev.
Total value USD 14,000. July: 1000 kg. of medicine, clothes and food was driven to Kiev. Four nurses
went along to experience the present situation in the Ukraine.
Total value of consignment USD 42,000. . Aug.: 25 kids and 5 adults was invited to Sweden for summer camp.
Budget: USD 5,700. Aug.: One school-bus was bought. Value USD 1,700. Oct.: A consignment of clothes and medicine was forwarded to Kiev.
Value USD 1,000. Nov.: Food and medicine was send to Ukraine. Value USD 23,000. Dec.: Food and medicine was send to Ukraine. Value USD 21,000. Dec.: Transport with food was send to Ukraine. Value USD 19,500.
Michael Wallenberg visited Chernobyl's fire-brigade.


Feb.: A 30 ton transport arrived in Kiev and Chernobyl. Valued USD 86,700. Feb.: A delegation including the manager and the chief of the fire
department at Barsebäcks nuclear power station, and the radiation-
safety manager, Willy Mossum and Michael Wallenberg, visited the fire
department in Chernobyl. March: Mr. Wallenberg made a visit to the psychiatric clinic and the
alcohol clinic outside Lotikova. He also visited a kindergarten and
the "Church Union". July: 2,500 kg of humanitarian aid was sent to the clinics mentioned above.
Value USD 2,850. Aug.: Ivan Kovalchuk received medical treatment in Sweden. Costs USD 10,000. Dec.: Operation "Shoe box" of 4,500 Christmas presents and 6 tons of
food, was sent to Kiev.


April: 50 tons of relief was forwarded to Kiev. Value USD 96,000. April: A bus carrying 28 passengers and 6 tons of food went to
Kiev. Value USD 4,000. May: 11-year old Oxana receives medical help for treatment of cancer
at the University hospital of Malm–. Costs for operations
are USD 18,571. June: 16 Chernobyl-children, with 4 adults went on summer camp in
Sweden. Costs USD 15,000. July: 20 Chernobyl-children, with 4 adults, were able to stay in hospital
accommodations in Sweden. Costs USD 15,000. Aug.: 17 persons are taken on a field trip to Kiev. Sept.: 15 year-old, cancer ill, Irina receives medical treatment in Poland.
Costs USD 3,570. Sept.: 700 families living within the closed zone at Chernobyl and the
hospital, receives 15 tons of clothes and medical equipment.
Value USD 76,000. Sept.: Swedish journalists are invited to see Chernobyl. Oct.: A bus carrying 19 passengers,3 tons of medical equipment and
medicine, arrived in Kiev. Value USD 7,000. Nov.: 20 tons of food, clothes and medicine were transported to Kiev.
Value USD 28,500. Dec.: 20 ton of clothes and Christmas presents for the children in
Ukraine and relief for the families living inside the closed zone
in Chernobyl arrives in at its destination. Value USD 12,500.


Jan.: Fire chiefs from Chernobyl, visited fire departments in the south
of Sweden. Jan.: One truck with collected medical equipment was transported to Kiev
Value USD 75,000. Jan.: A transport, containing medicine, children clothes and toys went
to Kiev. Value USD 8,600. March: Michael Wallenberg and our doctor Bengt Johansson travel to Kiev,
to visit hospitals. March: 11 year-old, cancer ill, Ruslan is being operated in Sweden.
Cost USD 22,000. March: Hospital equipment and clothes were transported to Kiev.
Value USD 20,000. April: Protective equipment arrived to the fire men in Chernobyl.
Value USD 72,000. April: A medical team, a media crew (Channel 9) and Chiefs from the Orlando
Fire department arrive in Kiev with humanitarian aid (communications-
equipment for the fire-men). Value USD 71,500. April: Mission in East received a building in Kiev, without charge,
for the purpose of setting up a medical clinic. April: Our documentary about Chernobyl (The Scream from the Zone) was shown
on Swedish television. TV-1, on March 20 and on two more occasions.
It was also bought by the Finnish television. May: A delegation from USA that visited Kiev, decided to support our work
with material, doctors and nurses for the clinic, without charge. June: A 40 ft. container with medicine and hospital equipment was sent from
Branson to Kiev. Value 123.000 USD. July: 30 children from Chernobyl spent 3 weeks in Motala-Sweden. July: 19 children from the fire brigade in Ukraine came to Sweden
to spend some time with Swedish firemen and their families. Aug.: Urgent transport to the oncological clinic for children in Kiev,
with two tons of food and medicine as well as 6 tons of food to the
people in the closed zone in Chernobyl.
Value 40.000 USD. Sept.: Two trucks with food, clothes and hospital equipment arrived in Kiev.
Value 30.000 USD. Sept.: A container was sent off from USA with hospital equipment and medicine.
Value 76.900 USD. Oct.: Michael Wallenberg brought the burned Yaroslav to USA to get free
treatment. Cost for the treatment valued at 300.000 USD. Oct.: Swedish and American contractors reviewed final details of clinic. Nov.: Three year old burned Valeriya came to Malmoe for diagnosis, but treatment
in Sweden would be too expensive. Fortunately, she was accepted
for free treatment by the Florida Hospital in USA, and was taken there.
Cost for the treatment valued at 200.000 USD. Dec.: One truck with winter-clothes and 5000 Christmas presents (Operation
Shoe box) went to Kiev and was distributed to children's hospital and homes. Value 20.000 USD.

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