The Layout

This is my plans to model the railroad in the San Luis Valley. It will be a two level HO-layout with a helix. I'm going to use Ship-It to generate the traffic. The PUAMM will leave the staging yard representing Pueblo and arrive in Alamosa yard. Where the train is split up into three parts. One local for Antonito, one local for South Fork and one part for local switching in Alamosa. Sometimes will a La Veta turn go back into the staging yard with cars that has been left in Alamosa. When the locals arrive back in Alamosa will the AMPUM begin the trip back to Pueblo.

Lover level
The lover level of the layout will be a compressed model of Alamosa with the roundhouse, the wye and most of the industries in the town. The staging yard in the middle of the room represents both Pueblo and Antonito. Part of the tracks in Alamosa and the tracks to the staging yard representing Antonito will be dual gauge. To the right of the drawing is the helix up to the upper level.

Upper level
The upper level represents the branch to South Fork with models of the scrap yard and grain bins in Zinzer, the wye in Suger Junction, the yard and industries in Monte Vista and the yard and lumber mill in South Fork. From Suger Junction will the San Luis Central RR take of to Center with grain bins and potaoe warehouses. South Fork is to the left of the backdrop on the peninsula above the staging yard and Center is on the right side of the backdrop

The track plans are made in the demo version of XTrkCad. The program is very good and I'm probably going to buy it.

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Updated 1999-10-02

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