In this text file You will discover the function of spell checking in Russian Spell Check. Please, take the time to study this document carefully.

First of all, it is important to notice, that there are at several different standards of Russian fonts. You will find, that Russian Spell Check now can open KOI8 and Cyrillic standards.

Now, let's take a closer look on how Russian Spell Check works!


When You start spell checking, every single word in Your document is checked. Attached to Russian Spell Check is a spelling Dictionary. The words in Your document are compared to the ones in the Dictionary.

This comparison process could use up much of Your valuable time, but now, thanks to the built in unique Quick-Halve Search, this is no longer a time consuming task.


If a word is not found in the Dictionary, the program halts and shows You this word in red color. In most cases this is a spelling error. However, due to the incredibly large number of words in various renderings, the word might be correctly spelled - but not entered into the Dictionary. In such a case, You should choose to add this word to the Dictionary. If You are not confident that Your word is correctly spelled - consult a common Dictionary - prior to entering it into the Dictionary.

You can open and study the Dictionary from most word processing programs. But - You CAN NOT DELETE OR ADD any words. If words have been entered with missing spaces, incorrectly sorted or double entries exist - You can solve this problem the following way: (this should not be able to happen any longer starting from version 1.70).

1. Start up Russian Spell Check.

2. Click the Check Dictionary button.

Now, the problem is automatically solved by Russian Spell Check.


As a result of each spell checking, two categories of words are being temporarily stored in memory.

1. The words that are incorrectly spelled. ( IGNORED )

2. The words that are correctly spelled. ( ADDED TO THE DICTIONARY )

Incorrectly spelled words are stored when You click the IGNORE button. They are temporarily stored, because if the same word appears several times (like a name, for example), and You will not have to repeat clicking the IGNORE button. After completing a document spell check task, these incorrectly words will be trashed.

However, You are offered the option of saving these words in a separate file, called "Errors.TXT". This is a list of words that You may open from most word processors - including SimpleText. This list includes the incorrectly spelled words.


They are added to the temporary storage file - "MySD.TXT" - containing up to 400 of the last entered words. Then, when more words are added an EMERGENCY SAVE takes place. This operation takes about 3 minutes. During this time the words from "MySD.TXT" are added in alphabetical order to the main dictionary "RusSD.TXT".

You will get three warnings before the EMERGENCY SAVE is initiated. This way You can click ABORT, click QUIT, and carefully study the words in "MySD.TXT" from Word or any other good word processing program. Here You can edit, delete and add words - but there must be less than 400 words in the list - and then restart Russian Spell Check.

Currently, the Dictionary holds over 95,000 words, but there is room for a total of 150,000 words. There are versions of Russian Spell Check that will house more. This is a matter of how much RAM memory the user is prepared to allow for Russian Spell Check.


You will realize, that some common words lack certain missing grammatical renderings, but You will quickly discover, that Russian Spell Check offers an impressive coverage of Russian words.

Russian Spell Check is an easy way to check Russian documents.

As Your work progresses with Russian documents - whether they are Your private letters, or, important business documents - You will grow to appreciate more and more the convenience of having them spell checked by Russian Spell Check. In addition, You will enjoy the useful tool of GRAMMAR CHECK, GENDER AID, TIME AID and VERB AID.


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