Russian Spell Check is an easy way to SPELL CHECK Russian text documents.

Russian Spell Check also offers limited GRAMMAR CHECK plus training of numerals and telling the time, DECLENSION OF RUSSIAN VERBS and many more neat features like GENDER AID that offers instant gender analysis of Russian words - in particular a unique and detailed detection of soft sign noun's gender.

The complete package comes with a 95,000 WORD DICTIONARY and a set of HELPFUL DOCUMENTS like The Russian Top 2800, where You get access to the 2800 most common Russian words.

The REQUIREMENTS on Your computer depend on which version of Russian Spell Check You will purchase.

To order Your copy of Russian Spell Check, please, fill out the REGISTRATION CARD.

You're welcome to DOWLOAD RUSSIAN SPELL CHECK DEMO version if you like. You may use it during a 30 day trial, then, if you decide to keep it, you are kindly asked to register, and you will receive the full version including your registration code number.

Russian Spell Check is produced by CAS PRODUCTIONS, Ströstad, Sweden. In addition CAS PRODUCTIONS offer the following computer software products:

PLUG-IN REGISTRATION GUARD offers the programmer a new and secure way of protecting software from being used by unregistered users.

SOLUN YEAR CALENDAR is available primarily to newspapers, radio and television stations, but private citizens may now also purchase this day-by-day sunrise and sunset calendar for any location on earth.

For further information contact:

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45232 Strömstad

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