There are some requirements of Russian Spell Check that the user must be aware of to be able to run the program. First of all - copy all the "Russian Spell Check" files from the CD-ROM to Your hard disc.

1. Russian Fonts must be installed. The program uses font "ã++ÚËÌÒÍËÈ" as default and will not work without it. See installation instructions. You also need to have the fonts Geneva and Monaco installed.

2. You need 5 MB (RSC-150) of free RAM. Russian Spell Check has proved to work successfully with RAM-Doubler installed. For RSC-300 You need 10 MB of RAM.

3. System 7 or later must be installed.

4. 256 color ability is required.

5. The supplied Dictionaries "RusSD.TXT" and "MySD.TXT" and the preference file "RSC-150.Pref" must be kept in the same folder as Russian Spell Check. If You wish to have access to the Dictionary in any other folder, simply make a copy.

6. All the documents, that You want to check, must be in Simple Text format.

7. Document size is limited to 32 K.

8. Other Russian font standards - than the used standard - will not work with Russian Spell Check. Some documents received on Internet carry the invalid character "a" (ASCII value 97). Russian Spell Check automatically replaces these with ASCII character 224. There is a KOI8 and a Cyrillic font filter built into Russian Spell Check.

9. Russian Spell Check is designed to take priority over other running programs (like After Dark programs). Some programs might not be suppressed, so if encounter problems, TURN OFF these programs!

10. You must register to use TIME AID, VERB AID, GENDER AID. The program is save-disabled for unregistered users.


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