GENDER AID is a unique feature to Russian Spell Check. It analyzes nouns to find out whether they are masculine, feminine or neutral.

The student of the Russian language quickly learns to recognize the basic gender of nouns. Masculine nouns most often end with a consonant, like 'Óo/ooÓÔ++o/oo, ÒÚÓÎ, o/ooÓÏ.

Neutral nouns usually end with either Ó or Â. For example ÓÍÌÓ, ÏÓ@Â, ÍÓÎÂÒÓ, but there are some neutral nouns that end with fl - like '@ÂÏfl, ÁÌ++Ïfl.

3/4 of all feminine nouns end with a soft sign

Feminine nouns are recognized by the ending vowels ++ and fl. However, they also may end with the soft sign ( , ). In fact, 3/4 of all nouns ending with the soft sign are feminine.

But what about the remaining 1/4? They are masculine. Here the student has to learn the gender of each word. For the newcomer to the Russian language this seems like an impossible task to master.

Even after years of studies, this is still a problem. There are several nouns ending with the soft sign. But, fortunately, rules exist which will make it easier for the student.


Yes, it is true. Finally, there is a lazy solution for the student and writer. Simply press the GENDER AID button - during SPELL CHECKING or GRAMMAR CHECKING - and remarkable as it may seem, You receive the gender of the noun INSTANTLY.

The rules are not covering all words ending with the soft sign. The remaining nouns have to be learned, but the student will be impressed by the powerful help that is obtainable in GENDER AID.

A part of the rules, says that all birds and insects ending with the soft sign - with a few exceptions - are masculine. From the University of Gothenburg I received a list with more than 300 of the most common birds. All bird names, ending with a soft sign, are now included in GENDER AID.

In addition, when I manually entered about 50,000 words to the main Dictionary, each word ending with a soft sign was treated with care: If it was an exception to the rule, this exception became a part of GENDER AID.

By the way, You must register to use GENDER AID.


GENDER AID does not only find the gender of nouns, but also detects the occurrence of different types of words. Take a look at the list below:

1 masculine nouns
2 feminine nouns
3 neutral nouns
4 prepositions
5 some verbs
6 adverbs
7 interjections
8 particles
9 conjunctions
10 numerals
11 some adjectives

This is especially helpful in GRAMMAR CHECK, as this aid substantially cuts the amount of potential errors that the program previously made.


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