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Lasse Bengtsson welcomes you to his "The Beatles in Sweden"- pages.
Here you can find facts about The Beatles tours & visits in Sweden and also a Swedish discography
+ a little of everything concerning The Beatles that's connected to Sweden in one way or another.

* The Beatles Swedish 1963 tour || The Beatles Swedish 1964 tour
* The Karlaplan Recordings 1963
* Other journeys to Sweden made during the 60's
* Paul, George and Ringo visits to Sweden after the break-up
* A Swedish Discography
* The Beatles on the Swedish Charts
* Beatles For Sale
* Swedes around The Beatles - Penny Lane / Strawberry Feilds Forever
* To Apple Facts - The UK single releases

* The DAKOTAS Official Tribute Page  * The DAKOTAS Official Page


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Bollnäs - Sweden

December 1st, 2000

This is the label of the only excisting
studio-environment recording of the
Lennon/McCartney song
"I'll Be On My Way".
Recorded by The Beatles, 
probably late 1962.


* Links to Beatles info pages and record dealers


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