I realize that it is impossible to list every single magazine who has had an interview with Suede (there must be hundreds) but anyway, here's a brief list of magazines you might be interested in getting a hold of. To narrow it down a bit, I have chosen to only include English papers and magazines. Mail me info about missing magazines please.

Thanks to Steven Smithwhite for his contributions to this list.

MM=Melody Maker. NME=New Musical Express

Q MAGAZINE, December 1999 --- Cash for questions: Brett Anderson
click!ROCKSOUND, June 1999 --- Brett In Paris, 4 pages.
click!UNCUT, May 1999 --- "Brett Anderson on a decade of decadence and debauchery" A massive 18 pages!!!.
click!SELECT, May 1999 --- "No drugs...or lots of drugs", 9 pages.
NME, 15 May 1999 --- Suede answes questions from fans.
MM, 15 May 1999 --- Suede content.
click!THE FACE, April 1999 --- "Sleaze, What have Suede been up to?", 9 pages.
NME, 14 March 1999 --- Head Music track by track.
SELECT, January 1999 --- The man who put the style back in British music by slapping his arse. Interview with Brett Anderson.
PROPAGANDA, No. 25 Winter 1999 --- My Dark Star, Brett Anderson reveals all to Chris Newkirk and Brooks Hansson.
MM, 18 July 1998 --- Missing: Presumed in bed
GUITAR MAGAZINE, July 1998 --- Free CD, including 2 different versions of 'The Drowners'.
click!NME, 18 April 1998 --- "Frankly Coward! Vic, Neil & Brett come out to play with the original noelrocker", A Interview with Neil Tennant, Vic Reeves and Brett Anderson. 2 pages + 1 page with "Carry on camping!" and a picture of Vic, Brett and Neil sitting in a couch.
MM, 7 March 1998 --- Bernard Butler News, Free tape featuring 'Saturday Night' live.
click!NME, 10 January 1998 --- Suede and The Divine Comedy cover Coward. Plus a giant interview with Bernard Butler who is also on the cover.
SELECT, December 1997 --- Prophets without honour
NME, 4 October 1997 --- Sci-Fi Lullabies review
VOX, November 1997 --- Sci-Fi Lullabies review
VOX, November 1997 --- Interview with Mat Osman
SELECT, November 1997 --- Sci-Fi Lullabies review
click! SELECT, November 1997 --- "I've tried everything", One of their most revealing interviews ever; Brett on Justine, Neil, Bernard, drugs and his secret history. 9 pages! Neil and Brett are on the cover.
MM, 6 September 1997 --- In bed with Brett Anderson
MM, 30 August 1997 --- Reading Festival Special
NME, 30 August 1997 --- Reviews of Reading Festival
click!MM, 23 August 1997 --- "You! Outside! Now! Brett Anderson gets reading to rumble", a 2 page-interview with Brett and he's also on the cover.
MM, 16 August 1997 --- Brett's interview about the B-sides album
VOX, June 1997 --- Free CD featuring 'Brass in Pocket'.
MM, 12 April 1997 --- Suede's Neil and Mat review the singles.
NME, 12 April 1997 --- "The Empire strikes back! Suede take Hong Kong", a 3-page interview.
NME, 5 April 1997 --- "Hong Kong Phewee! Suede rock the Far East", Live review.
SELECT, April 1997 --- Free enormous Coming Up poster!, Neil & Mat review the singles.
SELECT, February 1997 --- Free CD with guitar demos, Interview with Richard Oakes.
TOTAL GUITAR, February 1997 --- "What is Neil Codling on?" a 3-page special on Neil Codling.
click!MM, 18 January 1997 --- "We've always been outsiders", an excellent 3½ page-interview plus a ½ page interview/discography and the band is also on the cover.
GQ, December 1996 --- a small interview with Brett.
click!SELECT, November 1996 --- "How did they do that? Suede comeback of the century", an excellent 10 page-interview and Brett is on the cover.
click!RECORD COLLECTOR, October 1996 --- "The ultimate interview", an excellent 8-page interview, plus Discography with value. This is a must-have! (Note, there are 2 different links, one for the interview and one for the discography)
Q MAGAZINE, Q's 100th edition.--- 1 page Q+A with Brett, with another full page photo.
NME, 31 August 1996 --- "Great Brett 'Un!" a 1 page review of their La Route Du Rock Festival gig in St Malo and a short paragraph "Suede 'Coming Up' at midnight". It also features a 1 page review of the "Coming Up" album and a 1 page ad for the album.
click!VOX, August 1996 --- "The grand return of Brett-pop", an excellent 7½ page-interview with Brett and he's also on the cover.
SMASH HITS, 31 July - 13 August 1996 --- "From school bus to tour bus", an interview with Neil and Richard. this edition also includes "New Suede Views" where the band gives their oppionion of some other bands.
click!NME, 27 July 1996 --- "I can't believe it's not Butler! The sensational rebirth of Suede", an excellent 4 page-interview with Brett and he's also on the cover.
VOX, July 1996 --- Free tape featuring 'My Insatiable One' live.
VOX, April 1996 --- Full page photo to illustrate short news story about first gig with Neil.
MM, 3 February 1996 --- Live review: "The Esteem Age".
NME, Jan 1996? --- Live review of fan-club show where Neil first appeared: "You better you Brett".
NME, 22 July 1995 --- Phoenix Festival review.
NME, 15 July 1995 --- "Toilet Ducks" a 3 page interview with Suede and it also features a small Brett pic on the cover with the lines "Toilet's rock! Lifting the lid on the new Suede".
MM, 3 June 1995 --- Live review: "New Tower Generation".
NME, 27 May 1995 --- Live review: "Introducing the Grand".
MM, 6 May 19 95 --- Live review, with Sleeper supporting. Part of a four page feature on Sound City week of gigs in Bristol, titled "Get orff on moy baaaaand!".
MM, 4 March 1995 --- 2 page feature on technical guitar side of Suede gigs and tours.
TOTP Magazine, March 1995 --- Cover story: 4 page interview along with Tony Mortimer from East 17, They get along very well! Lots of laddish chat.
MM, 18 February 1995 --- Live review. "There's a song palais-ing".
NME, 14 January 1995 --- Brett on cover. 3 page interview: "Horse and Hounded".
SELECT, Dec 19 94 or Jan 1995 --- Richard Oakes in full page Q+A session.
Q MAGAZINE, Late 1994/Early 1995 (Q issue 52) --- 3 page interview. "They think it's all over…."
NME, November 1994 --- Single review: "The Wild Ones". "Possibly the best song of the week, but this week the band recorded here really no longer exists."
THE FACE, November 1994 --- Brett on cover. 8 page interview: "Star man".
ID, October 1994 --- Brett on cover with model Stella Tennant. 5 page interview with Brett.
Q MAGAZINE, October 1994 --- Album review: "Dog Man Star" "Gliding" (5 out of 5).
SELECT, October 1994 --- Brett on cover. 9 page interview: "3 unlimited".
NME, 29 October 1994 --- "Teen Genie" a 3 page interview with Suede and it also features Suede on the cover with the headline "Oakes' Cuisine, Suede scoff at the doubters".
NME, 22 October 1994 --- "Teen Machine" a 1 page review of their Raw Club fan club gig (10th of October) and a short paragraph "Birthday presence for Suede". It also features a small Brett pic on the cover with the lines "Secret Suede Show: Brett reveals little Dick".
MM, 22 October 1994 --- Live review: "Teenage fan club".
NME, 8 October 1994 --- Free 7"-flexi from 'Dog Man Star' and a full album review.
NME, 1 October 1994 --- "Diamond 'Dog'" a 1 page review of the "Dog Man Star" album (9 out of 10) and a short paragraph "From tiny acorns".
click!MM, 24 September 1994 --- "Suede exclusive, Simon Price meets Brett Anderson and new guitarist Richard Oakes". 3 page-interview. Brett & Richard on the cover.
MM, 17 September 1994 --- 2 page article: "I auditioned for Suede". Written by someone who got an audition to take Bernard's place, interesting.
MM, 10 September 1994 --- Single review: "We are the Pigs" is single of the week.
NME, September 1994 --- Single review: ‘We Are the Pigs' is the first Suede single, I think, NOT to get single of the week.
NME, Autumn 1994 --- Live review: "Hair of the dog man".
MM, 30 July 1994 --- Brett and Bernard on cover. 5 page feature about Bernard leaving: "Suede: RIP?", Same cover on photo as on 19 June 19 93, but with a plain red background instead of American flag.
VOX, March 1994 --- Brett on cover. 7 page interview: "I tugged on Morrissey's quiff".
MOJO, Jan/Feb 1994 (for Stay Together release) --- 6 page interview by Jon Savage: "Dream On".
NME, January 1994 --- Live review: "Figgy Star Lust".
MM, 24 December 1994-31 December 1994 (Christmas double) --- Live review: "Canine and Able".
Hot Press, 14 December 1994 --- Brett's face on cover, along with many others, in very ugly photomontage. 2 page interview. Richard speaks more than in many other interviews around this time, and his inexperience shows. He often embarrasses the others.
THE FACE, November 1994 --- Some classic Suede pictures.
MM, 24 September 1994 --- Brett and Richard on cover. 3 page interview: "Nothing can stop us now".
NME, 3 September 1994 --- Brett on cover, in a field, playing harp. Brett's full page track-by-track commentary of ‘Dog Man Star', plus 2 ½ page interview: "Bernard hated us, the tour and everything".
MM, 5 February 1994 --- Single review: ‘Stay Together' get single of the week.
NME, 5 February 1994 --- Brett on cover with Thom Yorke and Justine celebrating the NME ‘Brat Awards'. 3 page interview inside: "The Band that Rocks the Stable".
SKY Magazine, February 1994 --- Brett on cover, 8 page interview: "Pale and Interesting".
MM, Late 1993/Early 1994 --- Live review: "Suede? Not really".
Q MAGAZINE, Late 1993/Early 1994 --- Two page interview: "How do you encore that?".
MM, 25 December 93-1 January 1994 (Christmas double issue) --- 3 page interview: "The last rock n' roll band?", The theme of the interview is supposed to be that video games are killing pop music.
SELECT, December 1993 --- Review of gig in New York: "Metal Mickey Fatigue".
NME, 18 December 1993 --- Review of Suede at Transmusicales Festival, Rennes, France.
OUTLOOK, Nov/Dec 1993 --- Brett on cover. 3 page interview: "Easily Suede".
MM, 30 November 1993 --- 1 page interview with Brett in larger feature about great vocalists. Brett talks about Prince's singing as well as his own.
SELECT, Mid 1993 --- "The encyclopaedia Brettanica" 2 page feature on Suede's press coverage with lots of facts, statistics etc.
MM, 19 June 1993 --- 3 page cover feature: "The Best New Band In America?", Not really an interview, more of a tour report. Very interesting comments. This time Brett and Brett's cover photo is placed in front of the stars ‘n' stripes.
SELECT, May 1993 --- Album review: 'Suede' (4 out of 5).
VOX, May 1993 --- 4 page interview: "Who loves a lad in Suede?".
ARENA, Spring 1993 --- 3 page article: "stardust memories".
NME, 26 June 1993 --- "They Trampled All Over The Corpse Of Morrissey", a 4 page-diary of their visit to America (1st of June - 12th of June) and Brett and Bernard is on the cover under the headline "Carry On Camping! Suede Take Glastonbury Ovah!".
click! NME, 20 March 1993 --- "Getting on famously! Bowie and Brett whoop it up!", 3 1/2 page Brett/Bowie interview.
MM, 20 March 1993 --- Album review of "Suede".
MM, 6 March 1993 --- Live review: "The Brett Awards Ceremony". "Brett delivers himself like a stinging retort, flailing, teeth gritting and shimmying with a spiked sexual ferocity I've never seen any man or woman display."
NME, 20 February 1993 --- Brett in body paint on cover. 3 page interview: "Latter-day Nitrate Fever".
NME, 20 February 1993 --- Single review: ‘Animal Nitrate' gets single of the week.
VOX, January 1993 --- 2 page interview: "The Per-suede-r".
SELECT, Dec 1993/Jan 1994 --- ½ page Q+A, along with full page photo.
SELECT, 1993/94 --- "I'll get you Butler! Moz in record-breaking £5m bid for Suede's big Bernard". A joke with a pastiche of a tabloid sports page. Morrissey trying to buy "midfield genius" Bernard Butler from "glamour club Suede".
Indie-cator, Spring 1993 --- 4 page interview: "Suede-ists?"
VOX, Spring 1993 --- Album review of "Suede" (8 out of 10).
Attitude (gay mag), October 1994 --- Brett and Simon on cover. 8 page interview with B+S: "The Persueders". Also a review of "Dog Man Star".
MM, 93 --- Review of American show with Cranberries supporting. "The Fruits of their Labours".
MM, 24 July 1993 --- Live review: "There's a Jarman Waiting in the wings". The Derek Jarman directed show, in which Chrissie Hynde, Siouxie Sioux , and Sharkboy join Suede on stage.
NME, July 1993 --- Review of same Derek Jarman-directed show. Very small piece.
M8 (Scottish), June 1993 --- Cover story: 3 page feature, including live reviews, short article and 1 page interview titled "Swayed by Suede?".
MM, 17 April 1993 --- 4 page cover feature: "Suede mania", including 3 page interview and tour report.
Indie-cator, April 1993 --- album review: 'Suede' (6 out of 10).
Lime Lizard, April 1993 --- album review: 'Suede'.
NME, 29 May 1993 --- Live review: "Sphere Arse Attack".
SELECT, April 1993 --- "Gentlemen..time, please", Cover story: 3 page interview, Part of a huge, jingoistic feature on how the new wave of British bands will wipe out the "yanks". Brett's image on cover superimposed over a Union Jack.
NME, 27 March 1993 --- Full page Album review of 'Suede' : "A very Brettish coup" (7 out of 10).
NME, 27 March 1993 --- 2 page continuation of Brett/David Bowie interview. "Alias Smiths and Jones".
NME, 13 March 1993 --- 2 page live review: "A Hard Day's Nitrate".
Q MAGAZINE, February 1993 --- "Can You Stomach SUEDE?", Brett on the cover.
MM, February 1993 --- Single review: "Animal Nitrate" is single of the week.
Lime Lizard, Early 1993 --- 3 page interview: "Suede break in the USA".
MM, Early 1993, I think (because Suede play Stay Together and it hasn't been released yet). --- Live review of show in France, second on bill behind CNN.
THE FACE, Early 1993 --- 8 page interview: "Twist and Pout".
Q MAGAZINE, February 1993 --- Brett on cover. 4 page interview, "Whatever Happened to the Teenage Dream?".
MM, 30 January 1993 --- Brett on cover with Rob Birch (Stereo MC's), Andy Cairns (Therapy?), Andy Bell (Ride) and Tanya Donnelly (Belly). A free tape includes a track from each band. Suede's is radio session version of ‘Moving'. 4 page feature inside, where each is briefly interviewed.
NME, 9 January 1993 --- Bernard answering "Material World" questionnaire.
NME, 2 January 1993 --- Brett answers "Material World" questionnaire.
MM, 2 January 1993 --- Suede on cover. 3 page interview: "The stars they are".
NME, 19-26 December 1992 (Christmas double) --- Brett on cover, pointing gun, made up to look like Sid Vicious in the ‘My Way' scene of ‘Great Rock ‘n' Roll Swindle'. 3 page feature in which he discusses the singles of the year with Toni Halliday (Curve) and Jimbob (Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine). In NME writers poll ‘The Drowners' is single of the year. ‘Metal Mickey' is number 10.
MM, 12 December 1992 --- Brett on cover being mauled by Lesley from Silverfish. 3 page feature: "The Great Maker Sex Debate", with Brett, Lesley, Boy George and a couple of Senseless Things. (where Brett made the infamous "I'm a bisexual who's never had a homosexual experience" comment).
Q MAGAZINE, November or December 1992 --- Live review: "Wailing".
MM, Late 1992 --- A reader writes in to Q+A page asking where Suede's cover images come from. Brett talks about them for three paragraphs.
SELECT, November 1992 --- Brett answers a Questionnaire: "The think thank". Brett says a possible title for debut album is "I think you stink".
MM, 17 October 1992 --- Live review: "Hide and Chic".
MM, 3 October 1992 --- Full page "How to Become The Best New Band in Britain". On the technical pages of MM, it's an interview all about how Suede recorded their first demos, got the band together, got a manager etc.
MM, 26 September 1992 --- 2 page feature, with live review and other musicians opinions. "Oww Dad, They're Driving Us Mad!". Damon Albarn says: "They specialise in the cocky, the camp and the incisive: actually something we've been doing for some time. His accent is also somewhat similar to mine."
MM, September 1992 --- Review of Suede at Reading Festival.
MM, 19 September 1992 --- Single review: ‘Metal Mickey' gets single of the week.
NME, 19 September 1992 --- Live review: "Kill your cellar vision!".
NME, 5 September 1992 --- Brett on cover, 2 page interview: "The Brettish movement".
MM, 29 August 1992 --- Live pic of Brett on cover, 2 page interview: "What's a nice band like you doing in a field like this?".
NME, 1 August 1992 --- "Shelter Belter", a review from the NME Gimme Shelter Party at London Town & Country Club and a small Brett pic on the cover.
SELECT, Autumn 1992 --- Live review: "Hysteria rising".
MM, Mid 1992 --- Live review: "Pretentious? Chamois?".
SELECT, Mid 1992 --- 3 page interview: "Perverted by language".
NME, Mid 1992 --- Brett reviews the singles. Re-release of "This Charming Man" is made "Single of the Decade". Brett's two singles of the week are "This is Harry Burns" by Harry Burns, and "It's not what you know EP" by New Fast Automatic Daffodils.
NME, 6 June 1992 --- Live review/tour report. Suede supporting Kingmaker.
MM, 30 May 1992 --- Live review of Suede supporting Kingmaker. Hence title, "Pearls before Swine".
MM, 23 May 1992 --- Brett gets a page to talk about his favourite 12 records in regular MM feature "Rebellious Jukebox". His list is: The Smiths "Reel Around the Fountain"; David Bowie "The Bewlay Brothers"; The Fall "Big New Prinz"; The Beatles "A Day in the Life"; Kate Bush "The Man With the Child in His Eyes"; Iggy Pop "Lust for Life"; Robert Wyatt "Shipbuilding"; The Sugarcubes "Birthday"; Pink Floyd "Bike"; Patti Smith "Birdland"; The Jam "Going Underground"; Elvis Presley "In the Ghetto".
MM, 9 May 1992 --- Live review: "Suede's corner".
MM, 2 May 1992 --- Single review. "The Drowners" is single of the week.
click! MM, 25 April 1992 --- First Suede cover introducing "The Best New band in Britain". 2 page interview.
NME, Spring 1992 --- Live review: "Some Dandy Talking".
Indie-cator, Spring 1992 --- 1 page interview: "Leather ‘tis Nobler".
SELECT, Spring 1992 --- Live review with good photos.
MM, Spring 1992 --- Review of Gimme Shelter party, with Suede third on bill behind Blur and Mega City Four: "Sheltered Existence".
NME, Spring 1992 --- Single review: ‘The Drowners' is single of the week.
NME, March 1992 --- Live review.
MM, March 1992 --- Live review of same show, with The Werefrogs supporting.
MM, 21 March 1992 --- Review of Smashed! evening with 5 bands. Suede second on bill, behind Jacob's mouse. "Smashed and Grabbed". Photo of Brett.
MM, January 1992 --- Live review of the concert where Suede are below Midway Still and Fabulous.
MM, 11 January 1992 --- Live review.
NME, 11 January 19 92 --- Live review. Suede are third on the bill behind Midway Still and Fabulous.
M8, 1992 --- 3 page interview. "Suede or Swayed?".
MM, Early 1992 --- First MM interview: "Pigskinheads".
NME, Early 1992 --- First, short, interview in NME: "Hush Puppy Love".
MM, 15 June 1991 --- One of the earliest live reviews. Lots of mistakes, but good review. "Singer Martin [sic!] certainly shows this best, exuding a kind of foppish superiority, while the rest merely allow themselves a knowing smirk, secure in the knowledge that somehow this Sixties revisionist mess is making some sort of sense."

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