This is a collection of postcards with L-1011īs from various airlines.

Air India (Caribjet)

Caribjet L-1011-500, V2-LEJ (serial no 1246) wetleased to Air India.

T.B.G. Airways

T.B.G. Airways L-1011-1, EI-TBG (serial no 1030).
This aircraft has now been broken up for spares.

British Caledonian

British Caledonian L-1011-1, G-BBAI (serial no 1102).

Britisk Airways

British Airways L-1011-200, G-BHBL (serial no 1193).
This aircraft was converted to 200F (Freighter) by Marshall Aerospace in Cambridge, England in 1994 and is now flying cargo for International Airways as N104CK.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines L-1011-500, N754DL (serial no 1181).
This aircraft was originally delivered to Pan Am (N504PA).
Delta Airlines L-1011-500, N761 DA (serial no 1208.
This aircraft was also originally delivered to Pan Am (N513PA).
Delta Airlines L-1011.

Air Portugal

Air Portugal L-1011-500, CS-TEG "Eca de Queroz" (serial no 1248).
This aircraft went on to fly as V2-LEK for Caribjet painted in Air India colours. It was then stored for some time and will now become SE-DVI and fly for Novair.

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudi Arabian Airlines L-1011-200, HZ-AHL (serial no 1170).

Air Lanka

Air Lanka L-1011-500.

Royal Airlines

Royal Airlines L-1011-100, C-FTNK (serial no 1069) landing at St Martin.

Aero Peru

Aeru Peru L-1011-1, OB1455 (serial no 1002 ?) in Miami, Florida in january 1992.

Royal Jordanian Airlines

Royal Jordanian Airlines L-1011-500, JY-AGE (serial no 1238).

Royal Jordanian Airlines L-1011-500, JY-AGB (serial no 1219) in old painting.

Royal Air Force

Royal Air Force L-1011-500 Tanker, ZD 952 (serial no 1168).
Before joining RAF, this Tristar flew for British Airways as G-BFCE.

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