(formerly Nordic East Airlines)

SE-DTC (L-1011-1, serial no 193-1050) at Arlanda airport, Stockholm in august 1996. This aircraft then flew for Blue Scandinavia and Novair painted in yellow with blue stripes. It is now parked in Abu Dhabi.
(Photo by Marcus Karlsson)

SE-DTD (L-1011-1, serial no 193-1033). It then flew for Air Atlanta as TF-ABV but is now parked.

SE-DPX (L-1011-50, serial no 193B-1091) at Male airport, Maldives in january 1997. This aircraft was broken up for spares in Stockholm in june 1998.
(Photo by Bjorn Hellstrom)

SE-DSB (L-1011-1, serial no 1059) parked on the ramp at Arlanda airport, Stockholm, Sweden. On this picture it still has the red/magenta stripes from Air Ops but those stripes were later removed and it flew for NEA all white. This aircraft was leased from Air Ops International. SE-DSB was broken up for spares in Stockholm in september 1998.
(Photo by Bjorn Hellstrom)

SE-DVM (L-1011-500, serial no 1183) has a previous history with LTU and Rich International and was the first Tristar 500 with 8 doors. After NEA it flew for Novair as SE-DVX and will now go to Air Transat.
(Photo by Bjorn Hellstrom)

Nordic European Airlines went into bankrupcy in february 1998 and is no longer in business.

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