Fabulous Foals
Ringdahl with
Mystique 79cm
and her dreamfoal,
a palomino fillyfoal
named Magique.
Probably the
tiniest palominos
in Sweden.
The sire of the foal
is Park View
Golden Shadow.

Foto Gabriella Schulz

    Full speed
Magique of
North Star,
now 5 months
old at her
first show 1996.
  Twyford Pixie 84 cm and her cracking fillyfoal
Piruette, sire Fairy Gilder. Her full brother
Painter of North Star was champion Miniature
foal last year so there is great expectations.
Black Beauty
2 weeks old
colt foal.
Dam is
Fairy Frolic
Sire is
Fairy Gilder.
Colt foal
Pavarotti of North Star.

Dam: R. Meadow Pru
Sire: Fairy Gilder

photo A Catoni

Filly Foal
Fair Chanel of North Star

Dam: Fairy Chiffon
Sire: P.W. Golden Shadow

photo A Catoni

Photo: Britt-Elise

Fair Fiji of North Star
Dam: Fairy Florida
Sire: Fairy Gilder