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Updated September 19, 1999

Tricky Mickey´s Home page is mainly a tool for developing competence and skills in areas like html, Java-scripts and basically, the making of a home page.

As a text-editor for html documents I use Eric G.V.Fookes Mini Note Tab. It´s an extremely fast html/text-editor which can edit very long files. Download and try out some of Fookes excellent freeware tools for text-editing.

I am also using UltraEdit, a text/hex-editor, which is excellent when it comes to handling really long files and documents, it even comes with a spell check function in different languages. UltraEdit is very fast and has tons of editing and configuration possibilities.

To make the studies of scripts and codes somewhat more stimulating I write texts on topics I find interesting; music, reverse engineering and social sciences like social anthropology, sociology and philosophy. I believe there are close interactions between those subjects in any society. See for example my essays on bureaucracy and the individual citizen for a thorough analysis of the effects of bureaucratic classifications.

As an example of the interactions between society and its inhabitants You may be interested in a growing number of essays concerning the relations between the Markets persuasive discourse on society and the situation for the individual person, as a social subject in such context, on Fravias Page Of Reverse Engineering. The two main essays on Reality Cracking are written by +ORC, about Supermarket Domination, Bus Conductors and Mineral Water. +ORC sees the essays as examples of Modern Zen Reality Cracking. I would call it discourse analysis in the tradition of Michel Foucault and in the French sociologist/anthropologist Pierre Bourdieu´s view of society as consisting of social fields.

As you might know, +ORC is one of the mysterious heroes and master reverse engineers who´s presence on the Web is admired for deep knowledge of programming, generosity of sharing this knowledge and of course, the fact that +ORC still, after many years in the trade, has managed to keep the anonymity. The respect by which +ORC is talked about can even be seen as part of an Web-mythology.

There is a new essay on this mythological theme to be found on Fravias site. It is a very interesting essay by Curious George which discusses the relations between society and computer technology from a philosophical angle. Curious George add some thought´s about how +ORC and his disciples both creates and maintains what in the future might become a cyber myth. Fravias smirk remark about adding a complement with "real" reality cracking seem a bit out of hand since Fravia actually is participating in the very creation of this myth of +ORC. I think the essay should be seen as a "real" reality cracking of a "free knowledge paradigm" in which Fravia is a major participant.

It´s very stimulating that an experienced software reverse engineer like +ORC, finally considers the connections between society and the dominating economic view and brings it into a wider perspective, outside the usual rants about Micro$oft. There is more than computer technology in society, even if it´s a vital part of many peoples everyday life round the world, that should be taken into consideration.




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