September 10, 2004

High Skies:

Very cool broken beat mix by Atjazz and two ambient mixes.

AB-10 meets Uptown Selector

Dubreggae in a wicked way. Think Jeff Bennett and you might get an idea on how this sounds.

Private Collection
(KDJ/Private collection - black label

A tweaked version of Mario Winans - Already Know on the A side and a bossa track on the flip. I am very happy that I found this one!!

Luke Vibert:
Kerrier District

Luke Vibert produced disco. One of the big albums of 2004 for me.

Norma Jean Bell:
Love Me in the Rain

Floor filling disco-garage smoker.

Pitch Black:
Electric Earth & Other Elements: Remixes
(Kog Transmissions)

Oustanding mix of deep house, drum & bass and ambient electronica.

In the film "Whale Rider", there is a short sequence when the father and daughter are sitting in the car on their way from the village, they are listening to "Kaikoura Dub" by Pitch Black on the radio. I couldn't get the tune out of my head so I had to find out more about the group. I did not manage to track down the dub from the film but this album is pretty much in the same vein so it doesn't matter.


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