There are many different ways to find new jazz artists (and any other artist as well).

I usually check the liner notes and sample credits on all albums I buy. If I like a beat I would almost always want to track down the original cut. On the original album I check the list of musicians which might lead to other records where one or more of the musicians on the first album also are.

As an example I'll use: Miles Davis: "In A Silent Way"
I love this album so I'll want more of the same kind:
Check Musicians:
Miles Davis -Trumpet

Wayne Shorter - Soprano Saxophone (great both as solo artist and in Weather Report).

Chick Corea - El.Piano
(Great as solo artist for acoustic music and in the group Return to Forever of you like it electric/fusion).

Herbie Hancock - El.Piano
(Awesome as solo artist on acoustic piano in the 60s, went electric in the 70s and 80s and back to acoustic piano in the 90s. Amazing musician).

Joe Zavinul - Organ
(great both as solo artist and in Weather Report).

John McLaughlin - Electric Guitar
Went Fusion with Mahavhsinu Orchestra, has influences from Indian music on many records. Personally not to my liking - but he are a very very talented guitar player.

Dave Holland - Bass
Awesome bass player. Electric bass in many constellations in the 60 and 70s. Went acoustic in the 90s with Dave Holland Quartet off ECM records. Check that label for mood music).

Tony Williams - Drums
Brilliant drummer. He was 17 when he joined Miles Davis.

Always when I see a record with one of these musicians I'll give it a listen. It is quite likely that I'll like some of the music on that particular record. That record will have other musicians and I'll add those names to the list of musicians that I like.

Produced by Ted Macero.
Absolutely awesome producer. All records with his name on is at least interesting, most are gems to be treasured.

Then you'll find information in music magazines, from friends, radio shows, live gigs, articles in newspapers, reiews everywhere, soundtrack listing in films etc etc.

In 1997 Bill Laswell released a remix project called "Panthalassa - the music of Miles Davis 1969-1974".

On the album are the two compositions from "In A Silent Way" edited by Bill Laswell. There are also couple of other tracks by Miles from the albums "Agharta", and "Get Up With It", these albums are also well worth having.

If you are not familiar with Bill Laswell, search the web and you'll find lots of great music in which Bill Laswell has been involoved in one way or the other.

And like this it goes on and on. There is no end to how much great new and old music you can find if you are attentive. It never ends.


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