Picks of the Year 2000

March 12, 2001

DubMusic introduces DJ Simon Bīs Vital Vinyl 2000.

Here iz my list of shit that killed it in 2000:

1. George Benson The Ghetto/El Barrio (GRP)
2. D'Angelo Spanish Joint (Cheeba Sounds)
3. Kenny Dope The Illout/Brazillica (Dopewax)
4. Little Louie Vega Elements Of Life/Life Goes On (MAW)
5. Africanisms Block Party (Yellow)
6. St.Germain Tourist LP (Blue Note)
7. Isoleé Beau Mot Plage (Playhouse/Classic)
8. Bougie Solitaire Simple Things LP (Flipside UK)
9. Reflection Eternal Train Of Thought LP (Rawkus)
10. Jil Scott Who is Jill Scott? LP (Hidden Beach)
11. Aaliyah Try Again (Blackground)
12. Omar Something Real (Oyester)
13. Theivery Corporation Mirror Conspiracy LP (4AD)
14. Lucy Pearl  feat Talib Kweli Don't Mess With My Man remix (Pookie)
15. De La Soul feat Chaka Khan All Good? (Tommy Boy)

Simon B (Fridays @ Blizzarts, Saturdays @ Tokyo Bar, Montreal, Canada)
E-Mail: djsimonb@yahoo.com

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