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Updated January 3, 2005

When I arrive to a city Ive never been to before I often find it difficult to decide which restaurants that will be worth to spend money on. The first thing to look for is of course if the locals have lunch and dinner at the restaurant, which usually is a good sign.

In Stockholm the situation might be slightly different from other European cities because there are lots of restaurants, but not that many, so we, the locals, probably will be in all restaurants one may pass. Most of the restaurants in Stockholm are OK, some might be very expensive, some not so good and there are a few that are really bad.

Many restaurants in Stockholm serve well cooked food, but the size of the serving is an insult to a hungry traveler and the prices might be slightly too high for a backpackers budget or student. These restaurants will not be included on this page. The interested traveler will easily find information about those places elsewhere when arriving in Stockholm. Many magazines and all daily newspapers have extensive listings of restaurants, bars and clubs.

This page is intended for both the hungry tourists and locals. It is written from the point; where would I and my friends prefer too eat lunch or dinner, at a good price?

Four important aspects of eating out are considered: the servings should be at a reasonable price, taste good as well as look nice on the plate, and the servings must be large enough to keep you on foot for a few more hours.

Unfortunately I had to remove the sushi bar in this update, they have not managed to maintain any standard what so ever during the last months. So, for now I have only three alternatives on this page. The two restaurants and the fast food kitchen are well worth a visit for the hungry stalker of the city.

    Upplandsgatan 51, phone: 30 88 18
    Metro station: Odenplan
    Lunch hour 11-15
    Price: 58 SKr
    Ala carte: 90-150 SKr
    Very fresh, spicy, Sechuan-style.

    Gotlandsgatan 55-57, phone: 644 58 76
    Metro station: Skanstull
    Kamarina might be tricky to find, but ask someone for the address at the Metro station. Its worth the effort. Check out the specials, like Pikila or Bifteki which comes with fried potatoes, salad, feta-cheese, olives and tsaitsiki. Delicious.
    Lunch and dinner. Ala carte only.
    Price: 85-100 SKr.

    St. Eriksgatan 57
    Metro station: Fridhemsplan
    Lunch: Kebab plate with, salad, rice or french fries; 39 SKr.
    Small and nice fastfood restaurant. Take away or sit at the small tables. Full selection of middle east fastfood cuisine.

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