This section of Tricky Mickey´s Homepage is devoted to discourse in society. Many things will be said about migration, bureaucracy, about spatial grids in society that may create mental pictures of the stranger as the Other.

I will also take the opportunity to publish some essays I´ve written on these matters.

I have received some input on texts in this section with requests for translations of the material. I do certainly plan to translate my papers into English. But I have no possible chance to do this work at the moment, as it is close to 150 hundred pages of plain text in total. However, those of you who have requested a translation, will in time, be sent an abstract of the requested paper. I apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused you!

paper on language training for second-generation immigrant children.
Between January and July 1997 I worked in Alby, a suburb 20 minutes by Metro from the centre of Stockholm, with a project for school children in 1-6th grade, they are between 7 and 12 years old. The children have immigrant parents and generally a very poor knowledge of the Swedish language, so they are subject to special language training in various ways. I studied the implementation of one of these language-projects, and wrote a paper on the initial process. I spent many hours with the kids and the project leaders, which were not teachers, more like youth leaders, scout leaders or something like that.

As I was following the progress and turn backs of the project it became more and more clear that the community Council, who had the money for the project, had certain goals with this special project. They wanted the children to become more like Swedes, rather than just learn to speak Swedish. The children's parents weren´t very happy with this implications, the project-leaders had other ideas about what to do, and finally, the staff and boss for the public library, where the project was hosted, had some other ideas about the projects goals.

Things got very complicated as I was interviewing all these people. Everybody was trying to convince me that their idea, or vision, was the best one. As a result of the different approaches a slight change of focus in the research became necessary. It all ended up with a 30 page long working paper on the involved actors' different approach to the project. Because of the discussions and arguments about what to do and how to do it, everything got delayed so unfortunately there was not time for a thoroughly analysis of the projects implementation.

An essay on bureaucracy.
This is my Masters dissertation. The essay builds largely on interviews with civil servants at the Swedish state employment service (Arbetsförmedlingen) concerning cultural meetings on the labour market in Sweden. It also contains a discussion about the multi cultural society.

An historical overview
Some historical and philosophical reflections on racism and the power of discourse.

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