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I got this posting from a friend, othervise I have no idea on where it originally might have come from. This is only for fun. There is no apparent use for the listings in this doc. Maybe, they could come in handy in the subject line.
Support Bacteria

The Battle Of The Industries
A hilarious comparison between a car and Micro$oft products.

Hip Hop Dictionary
Follow this link to an excellent site with an indispensable rap and geography dictionary.

The Rap Dictionary is not intended to show the only correct spelling of words; slang is mostly a spoken language an no one exactly knows how to spell things.
Rap dictionary

Ya No See It?
Dat is fe mi bredda.

Paul Bowles
Paul Bowles

Wine Glossary
I am very interested in wine and wine making. Jancis Robinson´s book Vines, Grapes and Wines is the best and most extensive book I have found on the subject. By chance I came across a grape dictionary published on the web that will be an excellent addition to Jancis Robinson´s book.

In the same vein as everything else on Tricky Mickey´s site is published, i.e; all good information should be made available and for free, I immediately decided to post Anthony Hawkins´s grape dictionary on Tricky Mickey´s, and thereby make it available on one more site on the immense Web.

Check out Anthony Hawkins´s The Super Gigantic WWW Wine grape Glossary. It will take approximately 30 seconds to load, it´s a large document.



There are few links on Tricky Mickey´s site. I will add a few miscellaneous links to places on the web that I find well worth visiting.

King Pictures
Must be seen!

Byzantium is a poetic and beautiful site. It is well known among most of the people on the Web who is spending time and effort in stalking the mysterious +ORC. There are also tools, pictures of fens, aerosol art in Canberra and stories.

Bill Stott´s interesting and personal site on left field film and the art of writing. This site clearly shows that it is possible to combine content with a nice layout without loosing credibility.

Deep dt's reality cracking pages
Deep Dt is cracking reality in a thought provoking manner. The site consists mainly of Deep´s own reflections of life in the Western society. Some of the texts are quite emotional and builds on personal experience. Despite the emotional output Deep maintains focus in argument.

In my opinion Deep´s voice on the Web is a valuable contribution to the fight against the expanding flow of emptiness and merchandising that threatens to take over the Web.

The CTheory site could be labeled a Reality Cracking site. The papers are well written, often with unexpeted observations on the use of electronic media. A number of well known writers and media critiques are contributing on a regular basis: the author Kathy Acker, the philosopher Jean Baudrillard contrubutes with spectacular reflections in his usual manner, (I have read all of his books and most of his elsewhere published material, but I had not seen some of texts posted on the CTheory site - thanx again Deep!), Bruce Sterling :-) and R.U. Sirius, the former editor of the Reality Hacking publication Mondo 2000.

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