Updated January 4, 1999

SiteSnagger Version 1.2
SiteSnagger lets you download the contents of a Web site to your PC's hard disk. You can download as much or as little of the site as you wish, and you can browse the information offline. SiteSnagger organizes the site information in a tree display. A Table of Contents page provides links to each of the pages you've downloaded.

Program name: SiteSnagger
Version: 1.2
Size: 483 kb
Developed by: Steven E. Sipe at Ziff-Davis Publishing Company
License: Freeware
Requirements: Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0

Download: SiteSnagger.

Solway´s Internet Search v1.7
A small and fast freeware program enabling you to search up to eleven search engines simultaneously, and display the results of up to four search engines on one screen (provided that your web browser can handle frames). Solway´s Internet Search is very useful for searching many indexes with great flexibility. The software is to be installed and used from the harddrive on your personal computer.

Program name: Solway´s Internet Search
Version: 1.7
Size: 75K
Developed by: Kevin Solway.
License: Freeware
Requirements: Windows 3.x or later

Download Solway´s Internet Search:

Search Engine Tactics
If you've tried unsuccessfully to improve the positioning of your Web site within the popular search engines, maybe it's time to change your tactics. After all, if your site comes up in the first ten results of a search, its chances of being viewed are increased dramatically. Search Engine Tactics provides a concise distillation of the best techniques available as well as some good old-fashioned common sense for moving your site up a few notches. It's an entire Web site worth of information packed into a document that can be perused offline. The comprehensive reference guide walks you through the process of improving your site's standing, and it's chock-full of valuable tips. Search Engine Tactics reveals the tricks of submission, including what to submit, and when to submit, as well as what works and what gets you banned. It also covers keyword selection, meta tags, hidden input, page titles, and the ins and outs of the Web's various search engines. The e-book also features hyperlinks to Web-based resources, should you want to seek more information online.

Program name: Search Engine Tactics
Version: 1.9
Size: 620K
Developed by: Internet Marketing Library.
License: Freeware
Requirements: Windows 3.x or later

Download Search Engine Tactics: tactics.exe

CaseLinr for Windows
CaseLinr is a Microsoft Windows application which prints and saves liners (J-cards) for conventional and DAT audio cassette boxes. CaseLinr is available in both 32-bit (for Windows 95) and 16-bit (for Windows 3.x) versions. Fussy audiophiles can now enjoy ultimate control over typefaces, cut and fold lines, and annotation styles and view an on-screen WYSIWYG version of the liner before printing. The program can save multiple label formats (which can then be used as templates for new liners), import bitmap graphics and perform multi-file 2-up printing. The image displayed on the CRT screen approximates what will actually be printed. The printed result is quite accurate and can be cut, folded, and then inserted into an empty (preferably clear plastic) audio cassette box.

Download CaseLinr 5.6 -- a 32-bit application for Windows 95.

Windows 3.x.. user can download CaseLinr version 4.8, no nags :-)

CaseLinr version 4.8 (318KB) - 16-bit application

3D Cubes
For entertainment you may also want to download a very cool 3D Tetris game. It´s freeware. Every pc needs a least one version of Tetris. Why not try this one:
3D Cubes

Go is a simple and fascinating ancient game from China. Go is easy to play and difficult to win. It has a minimum of rules and regulations. It´s almost zen like in playing and keeps the mind in shape. This version also includes openings and some other important goodies...

Download GO 323 kb.

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