Black Woman and Child
by Sizzla

Intro :
Who what, The Black nation
I love It
Ohh woh woh, oh woh woh
From di day mi born mi did dun know sey
My color a di first, I nuh last
So how yuh expect I fi duh certain things
Ohh woh woh, Oh woh woh

Black woman and child, yeh yeh yeah
For you I really have so much love
Dollar bills and coins will fade away
They could never make I so proud
RPT once

Verse 1:
Motherland Africa still remain so fine
Empresses and Emperors living from in those time
I know you are the first to give birth unto mankind
Now let me say oh the earth Queen Omega is divine
Take I to Zion I give thy praise
Thats where my covenant will be always
How have you been going through those stage
Of being away for many days

Chorus :

Verse 2:
Who knows
Who will trod upon the road just to make things great
You and yuh children, I see them in front yuh face
I say keep them close, as you increase their faith
Marcus Garvey dun say, a him save the future fi days
Natural in your choice, in your way to your needs
You were born of the one to conceive
You and yuh child go smooth as the breeze

Chorus :

Verse 3:
Who are those standing at your door
Dressed in Ithiopian clothes coming more and more
Oh what a lovely day, the blessing is so pure
Someone conceive today, of this I am sure
Eh heh yeaah

Chorus :

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