Gaviota Tours is a dominican tour operator based in Cabarete on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, a country that has much more to offer than a relaxing holiday at an all inclusive resort. The nature is amazing with high mountains and deep valleys, the history is characterized by Christopher Columbus dicovery of the island in 1492 and the culture is special as influences from Europe and Africa has blended with the indian customs during the years. Gaviota Tours want to show you the best parts of the Dominican Republic and our variated excursion program has something for all different tastes. With us you can explore the whole island, but if you don't like to travel in groups we also offer other alternatives with a more personal touch. On our funnybikes for example you can get away from the tourism and experience the authentic dominican life, either on your own or together with one of our guides.
Josef, one of the representatives from Gaviota Tours, shows some tourists the view of the Caribbean sea on the Samana excursion
We recommend a daytrip to Samana and Cayo Levantado - the famous "Bacardi Island" with wonderful white beaches and clear snorkling waters. During the winter you can also study the humpback whales there. Spend a morning at the beach and the afternoon shopping in Puerto Plata. There we will show you the unique blue amber from the north coast of the Dominican Republic. We also visit the big Brugal rhum distillery and a local cigar manufacture. For citylife and history we suggest a trip to Santo Domingo, the capital on the south coast. We visit the old town from Christopher Columbus time and other attractions. Join our jeep safari for a ral adventure deep into the jungle and see the famous waterfalls. Visit Haiti, the other country on the island and you will meet a culture totally different from the dominican. The whole population is black and voodoo is still practised. To see the haitians perform a voodooshow is a scary and fascinating experience that is not recommended for sensitive people.
With Gaviota Tours you have the choice to let us show you the best parts of our beautiful island or to explore it on your own. Apart from funnybikes you have the possibility to rent motorcycles from us. Our representatives are known for their personal way of guiding and their ability to create a familiar feeling on the tours. We use air conditioned buses on all trips and high quality boats. On all excursions we grant insurances, and we guarantee the best prices and most of all - a good time!

For further information you are welcome to visit our office next to Hotel Camino del Sol in Cabarete. There you can get additional information about our excursions, change money and make international telephone calls.

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