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1. Background

SABA Engineering is a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm, providing professional services in a wide range of civil engineering works. Established in 1992, the organization has dramatically broadened its initial scope of services, and is now a diversified Ethiopian engineering company.

At inception, SABA was oriented toward geothechnical engineering. However, the interests of the firm, and its concomitant staff capabilities and interests have grown exponentially, and the organization is currently providing professional services in all of the principal sectors of civil engineering. The company's headquarters are located in Kaliti, a suburb of Addis Ababa, and a branch office in the center of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

2. Capabilities

SABA Engineering provides services pertaining to: consultations; investigations; the preparation of economic and technical reports; design; design review; contract administration; and the supervision of civil works projects. A range of comprehensive services are offered in the following areas:

  • Road Engineering
  • geothechnical Engineering
  • Water Engineering
  • Building Engineering
  • Contract Package Preparation
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Assistance during Tender Process

SABA offers its clients the benefits of its advanced CAD service providing auto CAD capabilities with the use of various design softwares. The CAD technology is used in all facets including the drafting and design of roads, bridges and buildings.

SABA's facilities include a fully-equipped soil, cement, asphalt, and concrete laboratory, the services of which constitute a major element of the firm's services in the field of Geotechnics. SABA has the capability of performing tests on a wide range of construction materials including: soils; cement; Asphalt; aggregate; concrete; blocks and rocks.

3. Engineering Experience

Since its founding, SABA has been providing specialized consultancy services for a number of institutions and organizations throughout all sectors in the fields cited above. The firm's clients include both governmental and non-governmental organizations, administrative regions, private developers, Consulting Engineers and Contractors, all of whom have expressed satisfaction and the high quality standards maintained during these challenging assignments.

The full range of services subsumed in the Road Engineering Sector is an integral component of SABA's activities. The range of services in this sector, which the firm currently provides, covers:

  • Feasibility and route corridor selection
  • Preliminary and detailed design
  • Design review
  • Construction supervision
  • Laboratory services
  • Contracts administration
  • Borehole drilling and geothechnical exploration
  • Project and engineering management
  • Supply and erection of pre-engineered steel bridges

4. Organization and Experience

SABA's organization is designed to respond quickly to client concerns and specialized expertise is grouped by sector and function. This type of organizational structure allows the firm to respond quickly to client’s needs within specific sectors, while simultaneously allowing it the flexibility to merge technical skills, as needed, to address multi-disciplinary assignments.

From local traffic studies, transportation planning, feasibility studies and environmental assessment projects to detail design, contract packages and construction supervision, our team successfully meets its client's project needs on time and within budget.

SABA Engineering is committed to Ethiopia’s (and Africa’s) road sector development, a reliable partner in your efforts. It has undertaken over 100 projects in Ethiopia, Uganda and Mozambique since 1993 with a combined service value of over Birr 30 million. Feasibility Studies, Detail Designs, Tender Documentation and Construction Supervision have been undertaken for a total of 2,500km of roads. whose aggregate construction cost is estimated in excess of two billion Birr.


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