Kalea type A


Key Benefits

Safe and uncomplicated

Our platform lift type A works on the self-sustaining screw and nut principle, which means that safety is extremely high. The lift is mounted as a self-supporting shaft with a built-in guide rail, which means that it can be installed directly on the ground flour. No digging or casting is necessary. The design does not burden surrounding walls or stairs by vertical force.


Because of the design, the total price installation included, is 1/3 of the costs for a hydraulic lift. Running and service costs are also low. Depending all service can be done from inside the lift with the effect of very low running and service costs.


The controls and buttons have been adapted so that wheelchair-bound passengers can easily operate them. The lift has  constant pressure buttons as standard equipment.

You decide

The design allows several possibilities for tailor made solutions, both with regard to stops and door placements as well as color and choice of materials, like glass shaft, finish painting etc.



Load 400kg/4 persons
Speed 0,15 m/s
Stops 2 - 6
Lifting height 0 - 9 m
Power supply 400 V 50Hz 3 Phase 10 A Fuse
Lift shaft Kalea standard, prime coated, 1366*1473mm
Shaft doors Single swing doors , prime coated, 900*2000mm
Platform Sandcovered blue sheet, 978*1360mm
Emergency signal In shaft with connection prepared for external signal



Type A-110 Vertical wheelchair platform lift with straight throw access.

CHECK6280.GIF (662 bytes) Type A-111 Vertical wheelchair platform lift with access in line on same short side.

CHECK6280.GIF (662 bytes) Type A-112 Vertical wheelchair platform lift with access opposite to machinery on short side.

CHECK6280.GIF (662 bytes) Type A-113 Vertical wheelchair platform lift with access in on short side and opposite to machinery.

CHECK6280.GIF (662 bytes) Type A-114 Vertical wheelchair platform lift with large size platform and heavy load.

CHECK6280.GIF (662 bytes) Door Options


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