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Dune 2 is the predecessor of Command & Conquer, a great game from Westwood studios.

Dune 2 was an advansed game when is was released, yet not very demanding, it is one of the few games that worked on an old 286 (as long as you had 4MB of memory), that is still fun to play.

The plot is: The ruler of the empire have appointed a competition for the control of the planet Dune and its vast suplies of spice, a material of great importans to the empire.

Three houses are called to dune to fight of the power, the nobel Artidies, the greedy Ordos and the evil Harkonan. Each with there own weapons and specialitys.

In the first two missions all you have to do is harvest enough spice to fill your quota, 1000 credits in the first level and 2700 credits in the second. In these missions enemy activity is low, almost only infantry. From the third mission and onward the going gets thougher, in these levels your objektive is to eliminate enemy presense in your area. The first levels is easy but takes time because you are only trusted with weak weapons like infantry, trikes and quads.

As you advance you will get more powerful weapons like tanks, heavy tanks and rocket launchers. You will also be able to build base defenses and new construction cards.

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