Fact File

1 Anna Mae Bullock was born November 26 1939. Her family lived in Nutbush Tennessee.
2 Little Anna Mae learns to walk and dance (hehe)
3-4 Her parents move and Little Ann lives now with her grandmother
5 She moves back with her parents who now lives in Knoxville.
6 Anna discovers the joy of singing and dancing in a Free Church. She even drops her panties once but keeps on dancing.
7 The family moves to Flagg Grove where Anna goes to school.
8-9 Anna and big sister Alline goes to the movies and Anna dreams of being a movie star.
10 Anna Mae sings in the church choir.
11 Her mother abandons the family and moves to St Louis.
12 Anna Mae picks cotton and hates it. Her father moves to Detroit.
13 Father remarries.
14 Anna Mae works as a housekeeper and baby sitter for a white family.  Her sister and cousin dies in a car accident.
15 She loses her virginity in the backseat of a car.
16 She plays basket ball and sings in the school choir.
17 Anna moves to her mother in St Louis and sees Ike Turner play for the first time in a night club.
18 Little Ann sings with Ike Turner and The Kings of Rhythm. She also gets pregnant with Raymond Hill.
19 Ann's first baby boy Raymond Craig was born on August 20 1958. Anna works as a nurse to support her self.
20 Gets pregnant with Ike Turner.
21 The singel A Fool In Love is a hit and Ike renames Anna to Tina, Tina Turner. Ronald Renelle is born on October 27 1960.
22 Ike and Tina moves to Los Angeles.
23 Ike and Tina marries in Tijuana, Mexico, 1962.
24 Ike buys a fancy house in LA.
25 Tina smokes marijuana for the first and last time.
26 She bleaches her hair but it fails and she loses her hair. Since then she's always had wigs.
27 Phil Spector records River Deep Mountain High and it becomes a hit in England. Ike and Tina tours with the Rolling Stones as opening act. 
28 Ike and Tina tours and Ike becomes a cocaine addict.
29 Tina gets pregnant with Ike again but decides to do an abortion. Later the same year she tries to commit suicide.
30 The Revue performs in Las Vegas.
31 Tina gets tuberculosis.
32 Ike and Tina releases Proud Mary and it is a hit.
33 No hit singles.
34 Nutbush City Limits is released and becomes a hit.
35 Tina begins practising Buddhism.
36 Tina plays the Acid Queen in Ken Russell's film version of Tommy.
37 Tina tried to leave Ike several times. The 4th of July 1976 she finally leaves him after years of abuse.
38 She starts a new carrier on her own. And lives on food stamps for a while.
39 29th of Mars 1978 she divorces from Ike and she releases the solo album Rough.
40 She performs in a TV-show with Olivia Newton-John and she meets Roger Davies who later becomes her manager.
41 Tina fires her old musicians and dancer, changes her stage cloths and starts over with a new show.
42 Tina is a success at the Ritz in New York. She tours with the Rolling Stones.
43 Releases the hit single Let's Stay Together.
44 Davies finds the song What's Love Got To Do With It but Tina doesn't like it. She later changes her mind and decides to record it.
45 The album Private Dancer is released and is a success. Tina Turner is back!
46 She's Aunty Entity in Mad Max 3 and sings with Mick Jagger at Live Aid.
47 She writes the autobiography I, Tina with Kurt Loder and releases the album Break Ever Rule.
48 She tours in 25 countries.
49 He settles in London but spend a lot of time with her boyfriend Erwin Bach in Cologne.
50 She releases the album Foreign Affair.
51 She does a farewell tour.
52 With a new shorter wig she releases a greatest hits album called Simply The Best.
53 Tina releases a documentary on video called The Girl From Nutbush.
54 Angela Basset stars in the movie What's Love Got To Do With It based on Tina's book I, Tina.
55 Tina's back on the road.
56 Tina records Goldeneye for the James Bond movie.
57 A new album, Wildest Dreams, is released and she tours in Europe.
58 She tours in the States and Oprah Winfrey takes her show on tour with Tina.
59 She decides to take some years off but it doesn't last very long. She lives both in Zurich and the South of France.
60 Tina releases yet another album called Twenty Four Seven and tours in the States and Europe.