My Own Unofficial LDraw Bricks

Latest Update: July 25, 1999

Links to Other People's Parts
I'm not the only one who tries to keep up James' tremendous work on making LDraw parts.
But to keep it up, we need to be some more. It's not that difficult when you finally get the hook.
If there is anything you wish to ask, feel free to mail me.

The data files below are Public Domain.
You may freely download, copy, edit, improve, rename, or convert them as you like.

Parts made before Oct 1997



A collection of semi-brick high clone bricks

FLOWER3.DAT Shortcut file. (Green stem and all 3 flowers in user-defined colour (16) )

Still working on...

726 and 727 Plate 4 x 16 Trailer

#718 Train Wheel Spoked .DAT file (Not yet ready for LCAD update.)

I'm planning to work on...

(Improvements on my previously officialized parts)

#3626p04 Minifig head New with Sunglasses  Smiley
#716 Wheel Spoked
#717 Train Wheel Spoked with cogs
#719 Train Wheel Rubber Ring
#4728 Plant Flower
##4292 - 4294 Horse (maybe...)