LDraw Launcher

What is the LDraw Launcher?

It is a small shell program that takes care of all the command line parameters LDraw requires.
It also launches LEdit, SimLego, and the SL2LD file converter program.
Hopefully, it will also be able to launch the LD2SL program, when it is available.

Now there are two versions of my LDraw Launcher

The ver 0.06 for those who use both LDraw and SimLego.
The ver 0.50 for those who only use LDraw, (with room for twice as many LDraw .DATs)

What's new on v 0.06?

Now you can change object offset by typing in -Ox,y in the User Parms box

What's new on v 0.05?

(I have hoped to add scroll bars in case the number of .LEO or .DAT files would exceed 55, but I need some more time to code that.)


...is easily done - just click here to download LDraw Launcher ver 0.06 (50 kb ZIP) if you are using SimLego...
...OR... here to download LDraw Launcher ver 0.50 (48 kb ZIP) if you are NOT using SimLego.
The only difference is, with ver 0.50 you have no SimLego field, but room for twice as many LDraw .DATs


There is also an LDraw Launcher for Windows 95 , called LDraw Add-On (984 kb self-extracting .EXE) by Steve Bliss

Instructions (important)

Next version will hopefully have change project dirs and/or scroll bars.
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