Schubert's Music

Schubert is different from most other great composers. Unlike Mozart, Beethoven and especially Wagner, Schubert is not aware of his genius. It is only in the last years of his life he realizes the importance of writing down all that he has composed.

In his youth he had listened a lot to the famous composers, attempting, and often succeeding, to write in their styles. His early symphonies are made in the true spirit of Beethoven, the famous Fifth in the magic of Mozart, but here Schubert starts to use some of his own ideas making many key changes in the symphony. Schubert's Eighth symphony is written in his own genius style and is recognized by many people as the peak of his symphonic writing. This manner of making music is never seen before or after Schubert. He composed Romantic music in a Classical way.

The music of Schubert's early years is often very happy, whereas the music of his last years is often more melancholic. But if you listen carefully in these pieces you nearly always find something positive at the end. This was Schubert's feelings during his last five years. At that time he was suffering from a bad venereal disease. It took much of his strength. Schubert believed that he would meet something better after his death. This can, in my opinion, be seen in his music.

Schubert very seldom had the chance to hear his works by a full orchestra and by professional artists. Therefore, he wrote a lot of piano music, music for string quartets and of course all his songs, the german "lieder". Even if Schubert wasn't old when he died, he had written down an enormous treasure for future generations. I don't think his output would have been much greater had Schubert lived another ten years, because in his last years he produced an immense amount of work. He knew he was going to die soon and he wanted to have printed down everything he had composed. Just like Mozart, Schubert got his melodies right into his head and thought that it was very boring to print it. We should be very grateful that Schubert left behind this great work for us.

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