working with stoneware and porcelaine

I started this career with a one year course at Kyrkeruds Folkhogskola 1971, followed by a trip to England where I visited Bernard Leach's pottery at St Ives in Cornwall. Via Michael Cardew I then came to John Maltby in Devon, England. This is really where I learnt a great deal about pottery.
John is an artist who was fascinated by the quality of the ceramic medium. He was trained in the Leach tradition, which means influences mainly from Japan, China, Korea, but also from medieval England and France, as well as from contemporary English pottery. Coming from Scandinavia this was just right for me, the austere yet sometimes very simple pottery from the East, and the more sturdy and charming medieval English.

But John is also trained as a sculptor and is well versed and interested in art and arthistory . I specially remember when we used to have a break for a cup of tea, sitting together with his wife Heather in the yard by the old farmhouse, shaded by a roof of white roses. There was always some interesting talk going... This was a great school, situated among the green hills in the heart of Devon...
In 1973 I started my own workshop in Sweden. Since then I have been making woodfired stoneware and more recently also porcelaine. In 1991 I built a new workshop and woodkiln on an island called Munso a few miles from Stockholm.

New workshop/gallery