Tristan da Cunha

an interesting island in the South Atlantic Ocean

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Far away from normal ocean-liners tracks lies Tristan da Cunha (see map), a volcano island of the Mid-Atlantic Range just between South America and Africa's Cape Town. This island has been just known to us for two things - stamps and a volcano-eruption back in the 60ies.

The Swedish author and painter Roland Svensson, a dear friend of Tristan, has supplied me with some photos showing the hard life at sea for the Tristanians in their longboats (the photos has been used for pictures cards) back in the mid-60ies. Also a cover can bee seen (from "The Tristan Bible" by Crawford). This pictures are showned with kind permission by Roland Svensson.

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On January 10th 1998 I had the opportunity to land on Tristan da Cunha. You will see some pictures from my visit. These are just a few - have more.

How about some crawfish? This is my story!

Why not take a walk to the potato patches? Follow me!

If you are interested to publish pictures from TRISTAN DA CUNHA - don't hesitate - contact me and you will get high-quality images. The cost is low for my permission (just to keep running). Just drop me a line.

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